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2. april 2024

its not bad, i got a bogo done on it. Maybe different swatches, drop down menus and such. Just more features, and obviously ease of use is a must.
Most apps over complicate things, yours seems simple enough.

Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
22. april 2024

Good and customizable (check out the 'You save X$' feature).

Minus one star for the price, at $720 a year.

5 måneder bruker appen
7. mai 2024

Very powerful app. Definitely helped my AOV pretty immediately.

My biggest feedback for this app would be to add some reporting to it. There's no analytics or visibility or A/B testing, but you can definitely very quickly set-up bulk discounts to drive AOV higher.

Fur Baby Fun
15 dager bruker appen
Kaching Appz svarte 9. mai 2024

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We’re currently working on both A/B testing and extensive analytics which we’ll be launching soon for our enterprise clients.

I will contact you once it’s launched to show a quick demo.

Erikas | Co-founder of Kaching Appz

13. juli 2024

Respectful Company they refunded me when i did a anually purchase by accident Thank you kaching tean

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
18. mars 2024

I like this app. It has many functions. And the service is also very good and helpful

Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 19. april 2024

Charging by the year makes me not bother with the app and just use a competitor. Do monthly pricing.

EDIT: yes I see now there is monthly pricing I'm just a dummy. Sorry about that

Stop The Snoring™
2 minutter bruker appen
Kaching Appz svarte 19. april 2024

Thanks for your honest review. You can change the pricing to monthly on the "Choose plan" screen. Our customer support team will reach out to you to assist you on that and I'll make sure we refund you for the yearly plan.
Erikas | Co-founder of Kaching Appz

23. mai 2024

Bonne app et fonctionne bien.

Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
28. juli 2023

The app is good but really misses one important feature:

When you want your store have all products selected but 1 or 2 you wan't to create a new bundle for so you don't want them to be selected for the overal bundle.

When you click on different selected specific products, you all need to click them 1 for 1 instead of having the selection selected all and deselect 1 or 2 this is really sad that you cant have that option. Creating more specific bundles per/product and select them EASLILY would be a major upgrade.

Or having the option to make the bundle primary for the specific product instead of giving the notification of you cant have the bundle for 2 products at 1 time

Could you please fix this ASAP? would be really upgrade your app

11 måneder bruker appen
Kaching Appz svarte 1. august 2023


It's Erikas, co-founder of Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and sorry for any inconvenience caused. We definitely strive for the best possible experience using our app and I really value your suggestion as a product designer myself.

I came up with new option when selecting products which will be called "All products except selected". This option will apply the bundle to all of your current and future products except the ones you choose in the popup. It's already being developed and will be live in couple of days.

I really hope it will solve your issue fully and will make it a 5-star experience!

If you have any other feedback, feel free to reach out to me personally at

16. mai 2024

top app

Ma boutique
1 dag bruker appen
17. mai 2024


Arctic Breeze
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