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The app does what it says. It works fine. But... It doesn't make sense that an order where none of the products are not part of the bundle count for pricing. I mean, if I have a kit that is composed by x z y products and if I have an order with just another product (lets call it A) that one will count. I could accept if someone buy one singular product that is also associated to the bundle to be counted. But a product that is not even used by the app is not acceptable for me. The app shopify bundle does the same and is completely free.

But anyway, it's a good app maybe with other features that Shopify bundle doesn't have. But it's not for me.

Maria Melancia
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Very nice app, the way it works is impressive, but it's so expensive. It's unfortunate that the app processes all orders instead of utilizing bundle orders.

Click Deco
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