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5 juin 2024

In the beginning they were very helpful. Many things to set up which they did with most of them. But there was a main issue that the button loads more than 5 seconds after clicking on it to go to the add to cart page. This was not an issue to fix just for us but for them and all their customers. They couldn't make it and this is a big reason for users to leave the website. Besides that, we found more issues on the way and in the end the support was really poor and lack of willingness. Some issues were not fixed or at least for now and we are about a month trying to make it work efficiently. In the beginning the assistant was very kind and helpful but we got pushed everytime to give a positive review as an exchange of that kindness. We told them we don't give reviews before results from the support team so we acknowledge that they fix some small issues but the most important ones were not fixed and their support got worsen considerably in the end. If we are gonna pay a monthly fee we can't accept an app working halfway at least for what we need it for. They have very good functionalities tho, but we can't settle for things that way.

Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 24 janvier 2023

I’d be happy to give it more stars but there are 2 major drawbacks:
a) can’t combine optional and mandatory products (or its variants) in the same bundle
b) few products (7 in my case) added into a bundle as optional products (certain variants were added) hit the shopify limit of a “dummy product”. This makes it impossible to create bigger bundles with “optional” products. If those issues were fixed… I’d definitely give it more stars.
BTW Max&Match Product variants (not collections) would be a very nice addition with AND/OR logic and optional/required products. Thank you.

6 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Capital Apps OÜ a répondu 25 janvier 2023

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This motivates us a lot. We are already on the way to changes and improvements. Stay tuned for an update soon.