Bundle Builder

Bundle Builder

Bundle Builder

Sell more with custom product bundles and gift boxes

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Sell more, faster

Create unique bundle pages for your customers to group products together, with all inventory and variants synced.

You’re behind the wheel

Steer your customers towards profitable paths with multi-tiered discounts, conditions, and advanced pricing options.

Your customers pick the route

Mix and match, spend and save, customize and create - give your customers the power to choose, and watch your average order value soar.

Bundle Builder 정보

Shopify can be a one-way street from product page to checkout, and Bundle Builder is here to change up the map. By bundling your products, your customers take the scenic route through your store to dramatically increase your average order value: they see more, so you sell more.

Since 2017, our merchants have made over $135 million in bundle sales, including $25 million during Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 alone.

Bundle Builder curates a journey through your products where your customers navigate, but you’re always behind the wheel. By applying discounts and conditions to your bundles, you can signpost your customers towards the most profitable routes, while still empowering them to choose.

The Road to Selling More

Pave the journey with incentives, and watch your average order value soar.

  • Create an adventure: by signposting your customers towards enticing deals in real-time — like 3-for-2 or BOGOF — they discover combinations they’ve never considered before.
  • Enjoy the view: configure the layout, and we do the rest by seamlessly integrating the bundles into your theme.
  • Embrace the space: by creating a new page for your bundle, we make it easy to promote your offers through email or social media.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

When you steer your customers in the right direction, they cruise through your store.

  • Pick your products: entice customers with optional products, choose required products to fix to your bundle, or predefine a group of products yourself.
  • Make the rules: apply conditional logic to decide what your customers can add to their bundles — in relation to what they have already picked.
  • Name your price: set minimum or maximum limits according to a bundle’s price or number of products — or choose a fixed price or discount regardless of its contents.

Your Customers Pick The Route

Mix and match, spend and save, customize and create — the possibilities are endless.

  • Spend more, save more: by setting tiered discounts, your customers can choose to spend more for a bigger deal.
  • Pick a purchase type: allow customers to make one-time purchases, set up discounted subscriptions, or both.
  • Write a message: add a note field for your customers to write gift notes or instructions to personalize their bundle.

A Smooth Ride

When it comes to admin, we take the wheel so you can enjoy the ride.

  • Built to fit in: Bundle Builder is designed to work with third-party services, including fulfillment and dropshipping.
  • Syncs Shopify data automatically: the app matches stock levels, updates product details, and tracks increased sales with real-time analytics.
  • Keep your admin on track: allows you to effortlessly transfer your customers’ bundle details via the Shopify admin API.

Take it for a spin with our free 30-day trial.


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Development only


  • Merchants with a development store only can use the app for free until they upgrade their account to a paid Shopify plan.



  • For stores on the 'Basic', 'Shopify' or ‘Advanced’ plans

  • Flat monthly fee

  • Create unlimited bundles

  • Zero commission charged by app

Shopify Plus


  • For stores on a ‘Shopify Plus’ plan

  • Flat monthly fee

  • Create unlimited bundles

  • Zero commission charged by app

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Great customer service and app works well! It has lot's of different options and ways you can bundle your items to make it a product.

Flatbush Granola Company

I can't say enough good things about this app! Of all the apps I've installed, it has delivered the highest amount of revenue, and in the shortest period of time. I'm not even through the trial period and this app has paid for itself 15x over. I can't wait to figure out more ways to use it on my site!

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 18일

Hello Flatbush Granola Company - Thank you for the 5 star review! It’s great to see that our Bundle Builder app is making such a difference to your store, and we wish you every success going forward. If we can ever assist again, please feel free to reach out to our support team. All the best :)

Mighty Mud Mixer

App did exactly what we need it do. Support was helpful, though it took a week to get to said help, so support could be a bit better, but overall still worth a 5-star.

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 15일

Hi there Mighty Mud Mixer - Thanks for the 5 star review! Support are always on hand to give their very best, and while this was a tough one, it was great to see we could help you out and get things running smoothly for you. We appreciate the feedback and the detailed information. All the best with the bundles and feel free to reach out anytime.