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16. Juli 2024

Hi, I need to say that this bundler is GREAT but we ran into our first glitch yesterday.... We reduced our bundles from £29.99 to £24.99 and someone who had already had the bundle added to their cart at the original price managed to checkout for a total of £19.99! This is definitely not an error on our part as we have spoken with the customer and we cannot reproduce, so there must be an issue with the app. Please don't allow this to happen again otherwise we have to look elsewhere for an alternative.

Harlow & Stitch
Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
9. Juli 2024

Works the first time without having to Contact Support. Just the way I like it.
Vereinigte Staaten
8 monate mit der App
3. Juni 2024

Happy that I found this app! I am now able to offer customers more shopping options.

Cuddle Finds
2 tage mit der App
5. Februar 2024

My web designer and I chose Bundler because it's intergrated with Gempages. It was tricky to understand at first, but the video tutorials and FAQ section are helpful should you need it.

If you can't find a solution through those options, the Bundler team are super helpful. I had a couple of queries in regards to the discounts not showing in the cart and the product images shown as blurry on the website. I had Josh assisting me and he was very helpful and friendly in making sure those matters were completed.

Thanks again, Josh!

body pH
Vereinigtes Königreich
2 monate mit der App
7. Juli 2024

Good but too many features are on the paid plan.

24 minuten mit der App
2. April 2024

good and useful

Etwa 2 monate mit der App
6. Januar 2024

Great easy to use app, and tracks inventory individually, which is ideal.

Downside is that CartBot which works in tandem to create bundles, works strangely with the Shopify cart. It creates a cart that (I'm guessing) isn't on the same platform or server as 'usual' ones. It seems that this is the issue that's causing Shopify's own discount codes not to be able to be applied to the same cart that a bundle is in - which is a pain when I'm running a site-wide % sale....if bundled items are part of a cart, the automatic site-wide sale code isn't (and can't be) applied. The workaround for this is to manually put a sale price on every item in the store, or manually refund overpaid items. I'm sure I've lost sales because of this inability to work alongside Shopify's discount codes - my abandoned cart figures are up :/

Vereinigtes Königreich
11 monate mit der App hat geantwortet 23. Januar 2024

If anyone else is reading this, we have contacted the merchant about this 2 weeks ago and have helped them find the best way to fit Bundler into their online shop.
If anyone needs help with our Bundler app, feel free to contact us at

And in regards to the issues merchant mentioned here:
- Bundler uses Shopify's cart
- If the customer qualifies for the bundle discount, then the automatic discounts won't get applied. This is a limitation posed by Shopify, as draft orders are not affected by automatic discounts.
However, if the customer doesn't qualify for the discount (e.g. he doesn't have all the products from the bundle in the cart) then he will go to a normal checkout and the automatic discounts will get applied.

If you want to use a sitewide discount together with bundle discounts, then the recommended solution here is to create a "volume discount" in Bundler - Product Bundles app for all products, which can represent your storewide discount. This will then make Bundler apply it's own storewide discount.

As mentioned, if anyone needs help with their specific configuration of bundles and discounts in their shop, feel free to contact us at

Best Regards,
Bundler app team

18. Juli 2024

Good app & quick service

Etwa eine stunde mit der App
11. April 2024

good but kinda complicated to navigate

Etwa 21 stunden mit der App
7. Januar 2024

The Bundler team respond quickly to any problems, they are courteous and extremely helpful. The Bundles we have set up work very well and we are happy with the App. It would be great if there were options for how the visual of the bundle appears on our site, above simple colour changes. Aside from that the overall app works great, we recommend.

Go Vita Tanunda
6 monate mit der App