Profit Bundles v2.0

Profit Bundles v2.0

af Profit Labs

Sync inventory for Bundles, Gift Boxes, Upsells, Combo Offers

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All-in-one sales app

Festive gift box, Upsell, Cross-sell, BOGO, Packs, Free gifts, Volume discounts, Starter kits.

No Modification To Storefront

Designed to work without modifying your theme code, No Ugly hijacking of your storefront making it slow permanently.

AOV - To the moon

Super charge your average order value. It takes 2 minutes to setup and we are claiming that responsibly, Its that Simple.

Om Profit Bundles v2.0

Profit Bundles empowers Small businesses and Solopreneurs to confidently build Multi-SKU bundles, festive sales Gift Boxes , Combo product Offers , Starter Kits and Product Packs, at scale!

Profit Talk! - Popular Use cases

  • Help first time buyers with the best your store offers in product bundles at a discount ;) and watch them turn into loyal Patrons
  • You are already seeing a buying pattern in sales and want to tap into the existing demand by making it easy for customers to buy them together.
  • Give Exclusive samples of your new product line to introduce it to your customers.
  • Festivals are excuses for gifting and you like to bundle your best product to ride the seasonal gifting trends and want to be confident that app will work as you scale or during festive rush.
  • Your Clothing store just needs a way to sell the look or to sell a pair of products to couples / families.
  • Your Beauty and Body Product store is looking to bundle complimentary products together to encourage consumers to try new products or just get rid of that extra inventory of a slow moving product.
  • Your inventory team is confused about the quantity or composition of bundles coming in orders and needs to cross reference for each bundle every time.

Our Super Edge

Generate more revenue with our all-in-one solution that takes product bundling to the next level. It has been built from ground up taking feedback from merchants like you.

  • Smallest learning curve, Period! No complicated concepts, it takes 2 mins to get started.
  • For Customers Bundles are like any other products in your store.
  • For your backend team, orders will reflect all the bundle component products as well with the orders, and yes it already has integration with your ERP and 3PL as well.
  • Powerful automated real time inventory syncing from first sale to large scale.
  • Audit log of all bundle orders so that you can be rest assured that no mismatch ticket will be raised by your inventory or manufacturing team.
  • Industry leading Analytics to let you be in control , it allows you create bundles under various categories like festive gift baskets or starter kits or packs. This seamlessly integrates in analytics as well so that you can see the ROI under each category.
  • Compatible with subscriptions, it can apply inventory syncing even on auto-charging subscription products!
  • Supports multiple locations.
  • Offers developer preview for your dev testing stores.

How exactly app functions?

Whenever a new order comes for bundle product from any sales channel , app will modify the order and add the bundle components in the composition defined in bundle definition at zero price. It all happens automatically in the background so you don't have to manually sync your inventory quantity.



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Welcome Plan

Gratis at installere

Generous Free Tier upto $250 monthly bundle sales. Additional Per Order Charges after that.

  • Unlimited Bundles and kits
  • Unlimited Users
  • All Features included

Growth Plan


Fixed charges upto $1000 monthly bundle sales. Additional Per Order Charges after that.

  • Unlimited Bundles and kits
  • Unlimited Users
  • All Features included
  • Swift, efficient, knowledgeable support 24/7

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