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31 juli 2023

very good. just would like them to have a tiny bit more customization such as being able to fully edit the text and put the actual discount in description, say your product is already on sale 50% off, for the first volume discount you could put "you save 60%" when you have the actual discount as 10% considering its already 50% off.
Then this part is a little extra but for $25 a month it would be nice. Just being able to have more customization such as a rounded box instead of just the box on the discounts and stuff that would be able to match more themes.

Last thing is you are only able to have 1 offer per page which is annoying since i would like to have a product bundle as well as a discount.

If all of these features were added it would easily be a 5 star app and worth the plan.

10 dagar användning av appen
Conversion Bear svarade 7 augusti 2023

Thank you for the review and sharing your detailed thoughts about our bundling app. We will share your feature requests with the product manager. Thanks again.

Redigerat 3 februari 2022

Thanks to BundleBear. Customer service is reactive and helpful. App is great. Last star will come when my issue will be solved: conversions are not automatically tracked in the app

4 månader användning av appen
Conversion Bear svarade 3 februari 2022

Hi there,
we appreciate your feedback.

#1 Layout issues are caused by theme CSS conflicts which may distort the layout. Our tech team will be happy to help you solve any CSS related issues.

#2 As per loading times, the app total weight is less than 100kb which takes a fraction of a second to load.
But - the app is only loaded after the entire site is loaded.
It works this way because we are codeless.
We do not inject any code to your theme files to avoid leaving dead code in case you uninstall.
We rather stay risk free and avoid leaving messy themes behind.

#3 Inside the app's dashboard you'll find the following:

- Add to carts per offer
- Sales per offer
- Revenue per offer

If you mean pixel tracking, Shopify handles all tracking events besides the button click (which is an ATC event). If you want to track click events, please head over to the "advanced" tab, and fill in the pixel IDs you want to use inside the pixel section. We support Facebook / Google / TikTok / Pinterest and Snapchat.

We're always available directly if you need further information or help:

Warm regards,