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Bundleup Sync Bundle Inventory


Bundle Products, Unbundle Orders, Sync Inventory

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Bundles Made Easy

Create new products consisting of other items and allow buyers to easily purchase together without the need to add each item to cart.

In Sync Inventory

We constantly recalculate all inventory levels whether they are bundles or are components in bundles so you don't oversell.

Easy Fulfilment

Save time in trying to work out what an order consists of by automating it and splitting order lines to components.

有關 Bundleup Sync Bundle Inventory

Latest Update - 29 Sep 2021

Added the ability to bulk upload via csv file. Added options from product search page to select a number of products and bundle them together into another product.

What is Bundleup?

Bundleup lets you create products in Shopify that your buyers purchase as single items but are actually made up of a number of different component products.

How do I create bundles?

Sync your products from your store to the Bundlup app. Once synced you can edit each product and add bundle components from other products you have. You can also create a new products with bundled components and publish them to your store.

Is inventory tracked for bundled products?

Yes we update your bundled products quantity available based on the component stock levels. If for example a bundled product requires 1xA, 2xB, 1xC but you are out of stock of product A then your bundled product will show as out of stock.

How are bundled products displayed on my website?

Bundled products are shown exactly the same way as any other Shopify product as we don't change any design or layout of the individual products.

How do I unbundle my orders?

We have the additional option of unbundling orders that you receive for bundled products we manage. The process can be switched on as a scheduled task and as orders are received the Bundleup app will split the order line of a bundled product to its individual component order lines. This allows you to fulfil the order same way as any other order.

Are any coding changes required?

To use the app there is no coding or template changes required.

Are variants supported?

Yes you can add bundled items to individual variants which allows you advanced capabilities for variant options based on bundles.



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3.7 5 顆星


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First of all, five stars because it's the ONLY APP that unbundles orders correctly. I installed like 20. Here's what could be improved: The interface is not... really... good. It's a little clunky and not obvious how to get around and what things mean even though there is an explanation. However it only took like 5-10 minutes to figure out what was going on, and I consider myself tech savvy. I will be using this app because literally it's the ONLY ONE that does what it needs to and that is worth so much right now. My accountant will thank me. There's a lag and you have to manually sync inventory to shopify and back. I don't think the ability to edit all of the product information within bundleup is necessary - just the bundle component. It wouldn't sync price from Bundleup --> Shopify right away for example. The unbundling order features and inventory adjustments would be much better if they ran on a tighter schedule than 10-15 minutes. Especially because we have a high volume of orders on certain days and that would be enough to throw it off - ESPECIALLY with large quantity wholesale orders. I really do wish this was a faster or immediate sync like I've seen with other apps' inventory features. At the end of the day, waiting an extra 20 minutes to fulfill a last minute order is kind of annoying, really. That being said though, you guys accomplished something literally EVERYONE ELSE COULD NOT and I applaud you for that. Custom bundles would be an amazing addition - but obviously not docking you for something you didn't even claim to have.

Playa Fit Teas Chile

I have tried a handful of apps to help our store unbundle combos and this is the only one that does it right. We needed to be able to sell 1 SKU (combo), but then export the individual items that make up the combo via excel for our third-party pick/pack, and Channelup does it along with updating inventory so that what is shown on Shopify is up-to-date. Customer service is great too, we needed help customizing a lot of different types of products and they have helped us out tremendously.

Cowan Office Supplies

I couldn't get this app to work at all and the documentation that comes with it is really weak. When I reached out to get support the responses were very patchy and took a very long time so I never could figure it out. It might be a great app but who knows?