Bundlo: Products Bundle

Bundlo: Products Bundle

af Tech Brothers

Bundle products to increase sales and revenue

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Increase Sales

Product bundles help to increases average order value. Sell more by creating bundle discounts.

Increased average order value

Create bundles and display bundles anywhere in your shop.

Easy bundle setup

No coding required to setup and manage product bundles with a few clicks.

Om Bundlo: Products Bundle

What the app do?

The app allows you to offer products in a bundle. For example, set up a "formal cloth" bundle, In this bundle, if the customer buys paint, shirt, and shoes together customer will get X% off on each of the bundle items. If they remove any bundle items from the cart, they no longer get X% discount on remaining bundle item.

How it works

  • Add products that you would like to bundle together and choose quantity
  • Add a bundle discount for these products
  • Ready to rock

Create unlimited product bundles

  • you can create as many bundles as you want
  • Create, modify and remove bundles with few clicks

Single Product in multiple bundles

  • You can add the same product in multiple bundles. It will help you to display it in many combos of the product bundle.

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  • Create one bundle

  • One click add-to-cart button

  • Use the same product in multiple bundles

  • No product duplication

  • Free onboarding support



  • Create Unlimited bundles

  • One click add-to-cart button

  • Use the same product in multiple bundles

  • No product duplication

  • Free onboarding support



  • Display bundle as a product

  • Display all bundle deals

  • All free plus basic plan features

  • Free 3 days trial

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3.2 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Photobooth Supply Co.

I will write a review which will hopefully get some attention since this developer seems to ignore their support emails.

First off, this is the only bundle app we could find that KEEPS THE SKUS SEPARATE. This was vital for our fulfillment process and it made this app basically our only choice.

The default templates are nightmarish table-based HTML and cannot be customized. I had to write a whole custom page template and JS class to get something workable.

There is a totally arbitrary limit of 5 products per bundle that is mentioned NOWHERE on this page. We're paying for the most expensive plan available and we can't even add more than 5 products to a bundle.

This app has the potential to be great if the developers decide to give it some attention. Right now I don't see it being usable for most people and I regret that it was our only choice.


Awesome app... I have have tried many bundle apps and Bundlo has come out tops. It suites my theme and they also helped me add in additional coding. Fast and efficient... I recommend...!


Sound's nice?! YES! But after installing this app you have to charge first of all 20 bugs just for starting and see what it COULD be. I would pay if it works & look good, but to get there i have to pay - just to decide & watch out.
Sorry lady's & gent's - it is a fail.

The one star goes to video i was watching - 'cause i liked the idea of ... this.. however it would be...

Udviklerens svar

4. august 2019

Thank you for your review. we added detailed installation steps so you can set up app easily. Also, we are here to help if you are not able to set up the app you can contact us and we will do it without any charges.