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Button Plus

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Create any number of custom buttons for every product

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Multiple Buttons

Create any number of buttons with custom links. These buttons are added below Add To Cart Button.


Instagram Style Guide Link, YouTube Demo Link, Contact Customer Chat link, Download PDF etc


Easily Customize each button link and styling at each product level.

À propos de Button Plus

Custom Buttons for Products

The app allows you to create any number of custom buttons for each product. These buttons come below your Add To Cart Button and opens the link in a new Tab

Link PDF or other document

You can easily add a button that links to a PDF or any other document related to the product.

Customer Support

You can add a button for Whatsapp , Messenger or any other chat service to let customer reach out to you on chat for queries.

Social Media Link

You can add Youtube video link about the product unboxing, or an Instagram album link for style guide etc.

Checkout Link

You can use Shopify Permalink option to create links with pre-loaded products and quantity and it as button for Bundle deal on particular product page.

Customizable Colors

You can customize the button as per your requirement by setting text and background colors.

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2.7 de 5 étoiles

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Pharma 1 Online Store

It does what it says but it is very tiresome to create a button for each individual product. Wish there was an option to create same button for an entire collection for even entire store.

La Bisnera

Hola, intento instalar la app pero me da este error Unhandled Exception.
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'fcmid' doesn't have a default value
You can find the error back in the log.

Réponse du développeur

19 mars 2021

I'll get in touch with you right away.


Easy to implement, Thanks a lot you saved my life. I search for developers but I found this app that respond to my need. Thanks again.