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Buy The Measurement

Buy The Measurement

Developed by BOLD

Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Sell products "by the measurement"! Area, volume, time... You name it!
  • No longer worry about variants or creating options... Just let them enter their own Length and Width!
  • 100% compatible with your existing Shopify variants!

Once upon a time...

There were three young online store owners. One wanted sell custom rugs of any size, one wanted to sell picture frames of any length and width, and one wanted to sell custom curtains of any size. Simple enough goals you would think!

Unfortunately the three of them were stuck creating drop-downs that stretched a mile long in an attempt to cover every size they could imagine. It was not ideal for them, nor their customers...

☛ Enter "Buy" The Measurement App

We built this app in an attempt to not just help these three struggling store owners, but the thousands of others out there that want to sell products by any custom area!

The Buy The Measurement app allows you to sell products by any measurement you can imagine! Area, Volume, Weight, Time or even combinations of them. You simply create the measurement fields and then you create the formula you want applied to it. (for example Length * Width etc..) The possibilities are endless.

- - Here's a live example! - -

✔ Easy Peasy Setup!

Let's say you want to let the customer enter their Length and Width on a product. It's literally 4 easy steps to do that.

  • Find the product you want to sell by a custom size and create a variant on it for the per unit price. (For example the price Per square foot, Per square inch etc...

  • Open the app and select the type of measurement you want to use. Area, Volume, Time etc...

  • Give it a title and description and some other basic stuff

  • Select the product or variant you want to apply it to and you're done!

✔ Save Time & Bulk Apply

We built the app in such a way that if you'd like to apply measurement fields to your entire store, an entire collection, brand, vendor or group of hand selected products it's exactly the same amount of clicks as it is to apply it to one product! You can apply your measurements to one product, or batch apply them. We're storeowners too, we get it :-)

✔ Customize Everything!

In true Bold Apps fashion, we also built a robust display editor with a built in preview engine that allows you to edit absolutely everything about the way your measurement box looks. There's no theme too modern, no theme too old, that this app can't match the styling of!

Common Questions

Q - Can my products still have variants on them with this app?
You bet! Variants don't interfere at all. The only thing you need to do is make sure there's one variant called "Custom Size" and then assign the measurements to that variant. When the customer selects that, the measurement options will magically appear.

Q - How does it affect or work with inventory?
It doesn't work with inventory in the normal way, but then again, when you're selling custom sized products you don't keep track in the normal way either :-) The app considers every "unit" of measure 1 item of inventory. So for example, if you sell a custom rug by the square foot and a customer buys a 10' x 20' piece that would be considered 200 units.

Q - Is there any liquid install required to use the app?
Yup, there is. If you're comfortable with liquid we provide very detailed instructions and it's a pretty easy install. If you're not comfortable with liquid code you can click a button to request us to do it for $25. Just wanna try it out? Don't Worry! - If you uninstall the app within the trial period we will gladly 100% refund that fee


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Buy The Measurement reviews (18)


We wanted to say THANK YOU to Morgan, who went thru this whole setup with us step by step. Over several emails of questions we had, he answered everyone of them and helped us get this app up and running. We have a unique measurement need, this is the ONLY app in Shopify that does what we need it to and its at the best price possible!


today work tomorrow not work and so on..... maybe the server, i don't know, but we lose money because of that


Wow! Best technical customer service experience ever! We had an issue with the shopping cart not showing the correct quantity after customers entered feet and inch input and quantity. We were depressed as the rest of the functions of the app worked great. I emailed support at Bold and within a few hours Lawrence emailed me back and was asking me questions about the issue. That afternoon Lawrence was able to write custom code that fixed our shopping cart problem. We are beyond thrilled!


I have just started implementing this app on my site www.fabriclove.co.uk and it is easy to use and offers a much required ordering facility to my customers. There are certain limitations within the app and shopify which mean that the app needs to be implemented in a certain way but the guys at Bold are very approachable and responsive to issues and concerns and always happy to help where they can. This is the second Bold app that I have installed on my site and I have also had some code changes made by the guys at Bold and have found them a pleasure to work with. As with all apps installed on shopify, there are often issues surrounding theme implementation that need to be worked around but the guys at Bold will go as far as possible to help you work around these in order for their app to work with your site.


I had a few initial issues with this application, but ultimately it's now working as promised and we'll be using it for a long time I'm sure.
Something of note is that another application was causing conflicts and the developers are bold apps made a few changes in order to get it working again.

Ultimately as long as help is provided and the app works in the end - that's the most important thing. Bold apps went a bit beyond what they should be expected to do in order to get their app working properly and for that they deserve a 5 star rating, along with being a great niche app that works well.


Great app for this purpose and none better on shopify!

Im not quite sure what Modellocustomstencils is saying as the support from bold is unreal most of the time. There might be a few times where they are so busy that things take longer but they are not a huge company so I think a little headroom is expected. That being said i have never had to wait too long for support and when it did come they went above and beyond each and every time.


Nice support by Kevin.


We do NOT recommend this company. We have tried multiple apps from this company, and all have been completely useless, and worse, hurts our site. We asked them to install the app, and it took them a full month for them to install it - or at least get any response back at all after 5 emails that the installation was completed. What is even worse than the apps themselves is the horrible customer service. We have emailed 2 different Bold Apps support email addresses on July 8, 9, 10, 13, 15, and 16 with no response from either. Before adding this app, we asked specifically if this app would work with this specific theme - because we understand if an app isn't compatible with some themes. They said yes, this app works with this theme and will not have issues. The app, of course, had issues and completely messed up our site (frozen product pages, applying completely different product prices that we didn't originally have), and had to go back and delete and re-add over 1000 products to remove their ingrained coding that codes itself to each product. We had to waste countless labor hours to get our site back to its original state, with absolutely no help on their end. Like other reviews have said, their customer service blames our site for their app issues and have a "too bad so sad" attitude, and then doesn't respond to any of our emails once any issue arises. We do NOT recommend this company for any of their apps (we've tried 3), because their apps will most likely not work with your theme (we've even went out of our way to purchase themes they said would work), ruin your website, and especially because their customer service is the worst we've ever encountered.


Great app, perfect for our Bespoke Netting and Sports Equipment store. If they could allow decimal numbers to be successfully ordered then this would be a five star. I understand this is due to Shopify not being able to handle non-whole numbers though.

Still, great app.


My store on Shopify is highly customized which has been challenging when adding BOLD apps. And although I ran into numerous snafus with this install, Ryan stuck with me, spending many hours and doing additional customization so this app would have the same look and feel as my site. He went above and beyond and has made an amazing difference to an incredibly frustrating situation. I'm still waiting on some fixes to a few more bugs and will be able to change my rating to 5-star at that point. Thank you Ryan!

$9.99 / month

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