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Buy X Get One by Supple

Buy X Get One by Supple

Developed by SuppleApps

111 reviews
Price: $16.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Create Special Offers similar to "Buy this, Get that at 50%" (BOGO) or "Buy 2, Get 1 free"
  • Choose how many products to buy and from which collections, and the discount for one product in another set of collections
  • Cross-sell products with your own messages appearing automatically in Cart

☞ Click here to see a demo

Diversified Special Offers / Product Bundles

Create as many special offers as it makes sense for your shop

  • Buy one, get one at 50% (BOGO)

  • Buy two, get one free

  • Buy a pair of shoes, get 30% Off from any bag!

  • Buy a womens top, and get one for him too, at 20% Off

  • Half-priced beanies for every Tank or Tee!

App automatically discounts smallest priced (cheapest) items in cart, no matter the order they were added.

No discount codes needed

Multiple simultaneous offers work fine, even for same collections. Offers are applied in alphabetical Title order (e.g. A. Buy 3 Get One free, B. Buy 2 Get One at 50%)

Cross-sell products

Cross-sell messages show up in cart in a friendly way, exactly as you defined them. No popups are used.

Great for accessories that customers might forget about. For example, when there's a pair of shoes in cart, but no cleaner, app shows "Add a shoes leather cleaning kit at 20% off".

Pro Tip: Make it easier for customers to reach offered items by linking to collection or search results inside the offer message.

100% translatable in any language, even the "% Off" part

Free gift with every order over a specific amount

In offer details > Settings, choose to Apply only when cart total amount is over..., if you'd like to apply only a specific number of times per order. Great for "Free gift with every order over $50".

In offer details > Settings, choose to Limit offer to a maximum of ..., if you'd like to apply only a specific number of times per order. Great for "Free gift with every order" to limit number of gifts.

Customers can choose their gift from a collection, or it can be added automatically to cart.

Product Bundles and Quantity Discounts

  • Bundle related products (e.g. Camera with memory card, Leather jacket with special cleaning kit)

  • Offer discounts for larger quantities in the form of "For every two widgets, get a free one"

App limitation: With this app, Product Bundles work only for bundles in the form of Buy X products from selected collections, Get One at discount from selected collections. It doesn't work with bundles such as Buy a shirt, a tee and a beanie, and Get % off of all order.

Great for cross-selling, bundles and related products

Be creative with your offers and put this app to work!

  • Clear inventory in a creative way, instead of simply putting an item on sale

  • Bundle slow selling items at a discount with products that fly off the shelves

  • Ask customers to buy with friends and split savings. A single person won't want 3 jerseys, but friends & family might be interested.

One-time setup

In order to work, this app requires changes to your theme code.
Click here for setup instructions


How can I select just a handful or products to include in an offer?

Create a hidden collection, and add hand-picked products to it.
Separate this collection from regular ones by naming it "Special Offer something", so it's easy to find later.

What are the known limitations? (these apply to all apps which duplicate variants or products, we're the only ones telling you in advance)

Products in discounted collections should have a maximum of 2 existing options (we'll add a 3rd, and Shopify allows only up to 3 options).

Products in discounted collections should have a maximum of 50 existing variants (we'll double those, and Shopify allows only up to 100 variants).

Inventory management apps (e.g. StichLabs) aren't compatible with apps duplicating variants or products, such as this one. Although we do update Shopify Inventory to make up for orders with duplicated variants, StichLabs has the "master" version of inventory and will overwrite our updates.

The new Facebook and Pinterest channels will not list products part of the offers.

Incompatible apps: ShopPad (Solution: Uninstall ShopPad. If you theme is made after 2014, it works fine on mobile too), Oberlo (it doesn't recognize new variants added to products after the initial setup)

Incompatible themes: Lookbook, Shoptimized (theme coding is way too convoluted)

Digital downloads don't work properly. Because of the duplicate variants, files would have to be re-assigned to duplicated variants.

Gift cards cannot be offered discounted. For gift cards, the exact gift price must be paid.

Single variant products with a non-default variant (e.g. Size: One Size) will get reset to "Default" when applying offers, as regular single variant products.
If needed, please update first these products to put variant title in the product title or description

AJAX Cart popups need to be disabled in theme preferences. All other popups, such as Coupons or News letter sign up, work fine.

Can one make fraudulent orders?

Due to how Shopify and these kind of apps work (by creating hidden product variants), a software engineer can actually manage to add to cart the discounted variants, and skip the check done by the app by going directly to checkout. One could also change quantities and directly click on checkout button, skipping cart Update.

That's why we setup a system which checks every order againts current active offers. When it finds a potential problem, it sends warning emails with a link to order details for manual review.

You'll also get these emails when offers aren't applied (that is, customers paid full price). This happens with Internet Explorer 9 browser and older, due to lack of browser support for required JavaScript functionality.
It might ocassionally happen on other browsers, if other functionality or widgets on your site generate a JavaScript error.
The offers work with Internet explorer 10 or newer, and all other modern browsers, including Opera, including tablets and smartphones.

I'd like to remove the app. How should I handle the variants it created?

Before uninstall, delete all Special Offers and and click "Synchronise discounted product variants". All BuyXDiscount variants created by the app will be removed.

If you already removed the app, re-install from https://apps.shopify.com/buy-x-get-one and click Synchronize button without any offers created. There is no need to start subscription. When completed, uninstall again.

Buy X Get One by Supple reviews (111)


Great app and good service, I emailed them if Supple could set the app up for me, within an hour it was finished! (i did pay a little extra to have it finished directly)

my customers love it! :)


This app has taken my site from break-even to profitability...I love it.

I paid $30 to have them professionally install it. They installed it less than 12 hours after I paid.

I had one minor issue with my Compare Price not showing up and I didn't realize it until 11am on Black Friday. I emailed support and they had it fixed with 15 minutes. Fantastic.

I highly recommend giving this app a shot as the customer service and the increase in avg order value makes it one of the best apps I've used so far.


Thank you SuppleApps!

We were in a pinch before Black Friday and the SuppleApps team were committed to helping us despite the pressure of our timing. They were consistent with communication, which is so important to us because we are operating at a different time zone than the states and most companies are unreachable to us. We ran into a couple of misunderstandings while working back and forth between our developer team but SuppleApps followed through to get our app running just in time!

Thank you so much SuppleApps for your availability and communication. A job well done, we will continue usin this app in the future.


Customer Service was very fast!
Reasonable price.

this app has some sort of bugs that might intervene with specific themes, so BEWARE. if your theme happened to not be 100% compatible with the app like mine, your website will WRECK. I suggest you get your web developer ready to fix technical issues immediately. Last time my theme was modified was back in September by a shopify expert that I hired. After that, I installed this app, and after a while, there seemed to be issues. But the worst issues that happened 3 days ago was all the photos did not load. It was just working fine last week. Now the 'update cart' button disappeared from the shopping cart page. I did not know about this until a customer addressed this issue. I contacted the app developer and they said it was not from them and ignored to answer other questions. If it is not from them, well, is it coming down from the sky?

So overall I gave it a 1-star because I wrecked all the codes. I ran a sale event and customers were unable to place orders. I lost a lot of transactions. I have to re-hire my web developer to fix all the issues. I do not know what other issues might occur in the future though. Myabe this app would be flawless when I change the theme.


The support team were very helpful to help me get set up. I needed the job done quickly for a promotion and they worked through it with me to get the result I needed and tested to be sure it would be ok for launch.


Awesome customer service! Super responsive and helpful in setting up our promotion. Would definitely recommend!


This app provides an elegant solution to a common problem. Adding this review now because I just had an excellent experience with the support team as well. Quick, friendly, and helpful response!


Loved having this team so far. Quick turnaround to install and they even added a personal recommendation on a change for the site. Thanks for the help!


This app is absolutely amazing! It was totally what I was looking for. I'm sure it will help to boost my sale when launch! Not to mentioned, they have good customer service support too, they helped me to solve my problem with the liquid and now I can run my store with it well! Thank you for developing this app!


Love this app.

$16.99 / month
7 days

Support & Sales

+4 072-627-4872
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