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Price: From $34.95 / month More info
  • If you lower your price, buySAFE will pay the difference
  • You will reduce your shoppers concerns about identity theft
  • buySAFE transactional guarantees are used by thousands of online retailers to increase conversion and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for installing Simplio Labs BuySafe App - After installation, a buySAFE representative will contact you to activate your buySAFE account.

Buysafe App Key Features:

  • Seal App is free to install from Simplio Labs (BuySafe Paid)

  • 30 Free Trial after sign up

  • A FREE session with a BuySafe representitive to get the most of your seal

  • Installs instantly in your shop - No code required

  • Additional upsell kickers available once the registration is complete

[Please note: BuySafe App only supports Stores based in the USA at this time]

Shoppers buy more when they feel confident!

BuySafe Seal Benefits:

  • $10,000 Identity Theft Protection. Comprehensive ID theft coverage for 30 days. Your identity is protected and you have access to complimentary professional ID theft remediation services for the next 30 days. Coverage applies for all online and offline identity theft, wherever it occurs, up to $10,000. Some restrictions apply...

  • $1,000 Purchase Guarantee. Get what you paid for, or your money back. All the terms of sale for your purchase are guaranteed, including product authenticity, up to $1,000. Some restrictions apply...

  • Lowest Price Guarantee. If the same store's published price drops, we'll pay you the difference, up to $100. Some restrictions apply...

  • Free A/B Testing to watch conversion increase.

Try BuySafe App, signup for our 30-day FREE TRIAL absolutely risk-free.

No credit card required for signup.

BuySafe Pricing starts at $34.95/month. Click here for additional pricing details. To see a detailed list of features, visit BuySafe If you need additional assistance, please contact us: labs@simpliolabs.com.

Try it. Click on the blue INSTALL APP button above to get started. We are here to help.

BuySAFE App reviews (8)


Be very careful when installing this app on your store. It has the ability to have a huge negative impact on your sales because it can manually make changes to your store. For example, we had buysafe installed for about 4 months, then an account manager called and indicated they wanted more money. We were discussing the potential and I was told I would be given a free 1 month demo to show the increase in conversion. As we were workign towards this, buysafe was disabled on our store and as a result when the customers come to the store they get a message saying 'Verification Failed" - Merchant Attention Required. So imagine your a customer and you see this message on your web page. Again be careful when working with this company.


This is an excellent app. The developer was outstanding and highly responsive. The only caveat is that I had some trouble installing things from the buySAFE side. Once those issues were resolved, the was application up and running in minutes, and sales started improving within the week. Kudos!


Great app overall but a bit pricey for the paid version. Once installed you wont see it work for a while but when it kicks in it looks very professional and scrolls with the page. No problems with install. The free version wont appear on your page but the are still benefits from having your store associated with Buy Safe. Visit www.gogoshack.com and click Upfront Merchant in upper left hand corner and see our Buy Safe "Certification". Two thumbs!


When I contacted this developer for a client, he called me to say only that "he just wrote the bridge" and didn't support it. He claims to have many Shopify stores using his bridge, but he has no BuySafe account of his own and has never installed his app in a Shopify store, according to him. Stay away from this one.


Developer has never used Shopify and refuses to provide installation support. The BuySafe website does not offer the API key this app requires, so you really won't be able to install it yourself without contacting BuySafe.

Shopify offers their own seller fraud protection now, so this app isn't needed anyway.


I tried to install via Shopify Apps, and I got an error. Since it had an option sign up if you already had an account, I went directly to BuySafe to create an account.

Once I was at BuySafe, I created an account and even paid for a subscription. I then came back to Shopify Apps to link the accounts. For people who are already registered you need a "hash". I contacted BuySafe, and got a "hash". When I entered the "hash" an error came up stating that an account with that name already exists. DUH - of course, you only get a "Hash" if you have an account? I contacted BuySafe and they said that they couldn't help me. Even though it appears to link me to BUY SAFE, the agent said that I needed to contact Shopify. Beyond giving me the "hash" BuySafe was absolutely NO HELP.


Had a bit of a bumpy ride on the install, but once they cleared up the issue it was easy to install kickers throughout our site LegitQR.com We did a practice purchase and the guarantee certificate easily popped up on checkout. Overall very happy with this and would recommend it.


Not sure what to think. I can't tell if the app is even working. When I asked tech support, they responded cryptically that I don't have to do anything apart from installing the app; however, their emails to me say I need to copy/paste HTML code on different pages but doesn't show where.

From $34.95 / month

Checkout our pricing page for more details.


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