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Ambassadors create buzz around your brand. We automate it.

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Automate Tedious Processes

Our workflow automation saves hours of valuable time. Vet applicants, generate unique Shopify discount codes, and send emails in seconds.

Track Ambassadors' Activity

We integrate directly with your store to help you track the sales your ambassadors bring in and how often they actively promote your brand.

Set Goals & Rewards

Set sales goals for your ambassadors and boost performance with automatically calculated commissions that incentivize them to promote you.

Om Buzzbassador

About Buzzbassador ‑ The Top App for Brand Ambassador Management

Brand ambassadors are social media users who promote brands using a unique referral code, usually in exchange for commission or free products. Brand ambassador programs are proven to help sales grow, but there’s a problem: tedious tasks keep brand owners like you from other crucial business operations. Luckily, now there is a solution!

Introducing Buzzbassador, a CRM-like platform that manages your ambassadors from start to finish. No more sifting through huge excel sheets of contact info or ambassador applications. No more manual discount codes for every ambassador. Boost your sales, create buzz around your brand, and work with everyday people around the world that will help bring you customers- all in just a few clicks!

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How We Help You Manage and Grow your Ambassador Program:

Auto-Generate Unique Referral Codes

No more manual Shopify creation for every ambassador’s individual referral code. Simply set a discount percentage that you’d like the codes to be valid for on your store, and the app will automatically generate a custom code for each new ambassador.

Log and Easily Search Ambassadors’ Info

No more large excel sheets. Use Buzzbassador’s Ambassador Log feature to collect and easily search and filter ambassadors by the amount of revenue they've generated, their name and email address, and more.

Auto-Calculate and Pay Commissions

Our automatic commission calculator will generate ambassador payouts based on the number of sales their referral code brings in and the commission rate you set. You can then pay them in one click via PayPal!

Convenient Live Dashboard

Track your active ambassadors’ sales performance, due payouts, and other activity, all in one central dashboard.

Build an Easy Custom Landing Page

Want a separate landing page for ambassadors that gives a run-down of your program? Create one with drag-and-drop templates within Buzzbassador, and direct traffic there from interested applicants. You can then integrate it directly into your Shopify store!

Simplify Email Communications

Customize and automate the emails ambassadors receive when they’re invited to apply, when they're accepted, and more. Your ambassador communication is handled without you ever having to lift a finger.

Ambassador Login

Allow your ambassadors to log in and view their codes and perks, how many sales they've generated, and how much commission they’ve earned.

24/7 In-App Customer Support

Buzzbassador’s hands-on, US-based customer support team is available around the clock via in-app instant chat to help you work through any problems that you have. Our average response time is under 10 minutes! Boosting your sales with ambassadors doesn’t need to be hard- we’re here to help.

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Basic Plan


  • Track Ambassador Orders

  • Customizable Landing Page

  • Automated Email Campaigns

  • Auto-Discount and Referral Code Generation

  • Commission Payouts

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4.8 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

This is the BEST customer service I've ever experienced with an app... Shelby and Calvin on the support team have answered all of my questions kindly and quickly (and I mean QUICK, they always respond within that same minute which is simply unheard of).


I'm super satisfied with this app. All the features I needed are here, but most importantly, the customer service on its own is some of the best I've experienced on Shopify. I had one of the co-founders themselves walk me through an issue I had in getting my landing page up. The team is very personal and hands-on which I love. I feel like smaller brands may have a tough time swollowing the $40/mo payment but I personally think it's worth it... especially if you have a good bit of ambassadors you work with, it makes it really easy!

No free trial offer, no refund, complicated UXUI, expensive and not user friendly. Definitely not worth for pay wouldn't recommend it!

Udviklerens svar

25. oktober 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for your review. I am so sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with Buzzbassador - on behalf of my team, I apologize that we couldn't make your experience better! I just sent you an email as I'd like to learn a little bit more about why you felt this way.

I see that you complained about the app having complicated UX/UI and not being user-friendly, so I looked back through our support emails and support chats and I didn't see any record of you reaching out to ask for help - was there something in particular that was confusing for you? Someone from our team would be happy to hop on a call with you and help walk you through whatever you were having trouble with. We pride ourselves on good customer support!

I also see that you were disappointed that we did not offer a free trial or a refund; However, I don't see where you reached out to request a refund. If you have any record of that conversation, we would be happy to look into it!

Please let us know how we can make this up to you! Our team prides itself on being very intentional with our customers and building supportive relationships with them. We would never hesitate to help if you had any questions-- we even hop on calls with our customers often to chat with them directly, and would be happy to do that with you as well.

Hope to hear back from you soon via email. Have a great day!