Grow w/ affiliate marketing, influencer & ambassador programs

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Automate Affiliate Management

Our workflow automation saves hours of valuable time. Accept applicants, generate discount codes, and send emails without a single click.

Easily Track Program Activity

Track influencer-generated sales in real time. Analyze performance with leaderboards & charts. Set custom reward structures & track payouts.

Custom-Design Program Assets

Build a beautiful custom landing page for recruiting ambassadors. Customize your application form & email communication to match your brand.

Buzzbassador 정보

Buzzbassador is an end-to-end solution for managing & growing a successful affiliate, influencer, or ambassador program. We provide valuable features for every step of the affiliate life cycle, from recruitment to payouts.

Why Choose Buzzbassador for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliates (also known as brand ambassadors or influencers) are the #1 fastest-growing customer acquisition method of 2021. It's a low-cost, high-ROI way to grow your sales & brand awareness that is used by the largest eCommerce stores in the world. With our Shopify integration, you can launch & easily manage a high-converting affiliate program, getting all the most valuable features you need at an affordable price.

Manage & Grow Your Affiliate Program

We pride ourselves on being a truly end-to-end solution for your affiliate or brand ambassador program. We provide automated, seamless features for:

  • Recruitment - design a custom, drag-and-drop Shopify-integrated landing page and application form to market your affiliate program
  • Onboarding - vet and approve ambassador applicants, sort them into multiple commission & reward tiers, and keep a log of their important data
  • Communication - automatically send emails through Buzzbassador and/or Klaviyo to affiliates when they are invited to apply, when they apply, when they are approved or declined, and more triggers
  • Tracking - auto-generate trackable, unique Shopify discount codes and affiliate links that your ambassadors will use to generate sales for you
  • Compensation - auto-calculate commissions and use our "1-Click Mass-Pay" feature to pay affiliates through PayPal, OR use our "Mark as Paid" feature to pay through Venmo, Stripe, ACH transfer + more!

Setup & Launch Fast

Designed as a launch-ready influencer marketing system, Buzzbassador makes it easy to start quickly by providing:

  • A step-by-step, follow-along setup checklist (complete with video tutorials)
  • Pre-loaded affiliate program settings (like ambassador discount & commission rates) based on industry standards
  • Pre-built templates you can use to easily design a custom recruitment landing page, affiliate application form, and email campaigns

Your Ambassadors Will Love It

Our merchants' ambassadors LOVE our beautiful modern affiliate interface. It's simple to use & provides helpful tools like:

  • Real-time affiliate sales and payout tracking
  • 'Click-to-share' widgets that help ambassadors share their affiliate link/code on social media
  • Ambassadors can easily link their payment method & social media accounts

More Features/Integrations Coming 2021

We are constantly launching new features. We love implementing user feedback!

Quick Hands-On Support

Chat us instantly inside the app, or even schedule face-to-face video calls. We truly care about your success!


  • PayPal,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Recharge

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  • Unlimited ambassadors
  • Unlimited affiliate links/codes
  • Unlimited payouts
  • Custom landing page, application form & emails
  • Email & chat support

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Built By Battle

Highly recommend. Very easy to use and the level of customer service is unmatched on the app store. I'm very glad I found Buzzbassador!


So far so good. The set up guide is really easy to follow, and when you can't figure something out the support team are amazing!!! They are a start up too, so you need to realise not all of the bells and whistles are there, but they are working on it and for the time being, it really has everything you need to launch an ambassador program successfully.

Glam L’amour

This app has been amazing! Since using Buzzbassador my store’s engagement has grown tremendously. Kudos to AK for being so knowledgeable and helpful also!