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Leverage BuzzFeed’s engaged audience to sell more

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lmfao this app doesn't do anything. I mean like nothing at all really. I added it and set it up but for a sales channel it's useless.


This app does absolutely nothing. Not one review even mentions any single sale. Nearly every five star review simply mentioned that they were excited to try it (why review?). I don't see any review saying it works or even one item sold. Before adding this app I was actually featured a few times on Buzzfeed. After adding the app I was never featured again. From time to time I reconfigure the app to try and determine if it's user error. After over a year, I don't think it is user error.

Spy Web

if I could give 0 for a fake app, I would.

Amiro Trading

it's very sad that not have 0 star option. 100% useless, did nothing.

Rodifer Animation Company

Had this app for over a year, and it did nothing for my site.

Yannicks Picks

Not even a page view. Most useless app I've seen. I don't think buzzfeed workers even check up on the offers through here.

Marvel Hairs

BuzzFeed probably doesn't even check this. I've had this app for over half a year and still haven't seen any good come from it. Every single Sales Channel that Shopify promotes is useless (BuzzFeed, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, etc.)

Good Cubed Development

Does nothing as far as I can tell.

Tka Shade

No luck at all with this app. I've had it for a few months and nothing has come from it.

Sleep Ninjas

It's not you - it's them. No sales, no movement, no reporting, no instructions, no feedback, no tips, no response to questions. It is easy to install and set up though. For this reason, people have given it two stars. However, if you would really LOVE to opportunity to sell on Buzzfeed like I would, you are going to spend a lot of time trying to make this work. You might as well install it, but definitely go into this without expectations.
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