BuzzSubs: Spin Wheel Popup

BuzzSubs: Spin Wheel Popup

TK Digital

Spin Wheel Pop-up. Spin to Win. Spin-a-sale. Spin the Wheel.

4.5 별 5개 중(670 리뷰)

Interactive Spin Wheel pop up

Fully customizable mobile friendly Spin wheel pop up and Jackpot popup design will help you collect emails

Exit Intent Spin to Win pop-up

Grow Your Email List. Boost your sales with gamified spin to win pop up

Custom Spin the Wheel popup

Build your own custom spin wheel pop-ups or spin to win pop up game

BuzzSubs: Spin Wheel Popup 정보

BuzzSubs Spin Wheel Pop-up app - great interactive popups (Spin to Win popups, Spin-a-sale, Jackpot popups, Spin the Wheel and others) to collect emails, promote sales, advertise new arrivals.

The Spin Wheel Pop-Up game is perfect for:

  • Collecting emails,
  • Promoting sales and limited-time offers,
  • Advertising new arrivals,
  • Distributing promo codes, and more.

BuzzSubs Spin Wheel Popup Features

  • Customise your spin wheel pop-ups to fit your store,
  • Change Spin to Win Popup language,
  • Change Spin Wheel Popup colours,
  • Change Spin to Win Popup copy,
  • Use pre-installed event templates to increase traffic,
  • Set automatic scheduling for your interactive pop-ups,
  • Push all your email subscriptions automatically to MailChimp or Klaviyo.
  • Automatic integration with Shopify Email, Omnisend or any other 3rd party apps that could use data from Shopify Customer accounts


  • Shopfy Email,
  • Omnisend,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Mailchimp

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  • 24/7 Premium Support

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가장 최근 리뷰


I deleted this app but still go out my money. How can i stop this pay out? They steal my money every months!!!

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 12일

Hi there,

We're really sorry for confusing you, but as I see you've uninstalled the app already, any app that using Shopify payments (incl. BuzzSubs of course) technically can't charge you after being removed from your Shopify store.

As I see latest charge related to our app was done on Sep 24. What could confuse you is that you see that charges in your ongoing Shopify invoice. That happens because Shopify adds app charges to your general invoice from Shopify, so once app charges you, that amount is added to your Shopify invoice, and actually charged once per month with Shopify invoice itself. You can get more details here:

Once again, we've double checked and right now the app is removed from your store and your subscription is now cancelled, so you won't be charged anymore (i.e. no new charges will be added to your invoices).

We truly apologize for the confusion with billing cycles, but we were never trying to steal your money, and even more - we technically can't charge you after the app uninstallation.

BuzzSubs team

Terra-Glide Fitness

The idea is good for the app but it is not support and does not function well. We set up our entire wheel and tried getting it to work for an entire day but nothing worked. We tried reaching out to their dev but no one ever gets back to you. Not sure how this is even supported by Shopify as most apps have fantastic support. Save yourself a bunch of wasted hours and go with another provider. Trust me these guys are horrible and never respond.

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 1일

Duplicate of previous review!

Mark, we're really sorry that you had such a bad experience with our app. As I mentioned in the response to your another review, our support team tried to reach you several times, to both your personal email you provided, and your Shopify email. And our ticket system shows our emails as "read". But anyway, must be some technical issue with our ticket system, and our messages were somehow filtered unfortunately.

When I was finally able to reach you from my personal email (still within 24hrs from your initial request), you've already switched to another app, which is totally understandable, and I really hope it works well for you.

You also mentioned refund in your emails, so I'd like to mention that you were NEVER charged for our app as you were on the free trial and removed the app before the end of trial.

Lastly, I fully understanding your frustration with our late response, and I'm really sorry about that, but I believe installing the app on your other shop just for one minute, only to leave this second negative review is not completely fair.

TK Digital team

Terra-Core Fitness

Looking for some help. Our wheel never actually pops up??? It just sits in the corner and wiggles. Please provide assistance. Can I get an email to find support or something?????? Reached out many time but no response yet. The wheel is pretty useless as it does not pop up on our website. We have spent hours going through every function of the backend. I will update the review if they ever answer but for anyone thinking of downloading I would recommend Privy. We've used them in the past and the wheel always works and their support always answers lol =) Well an entire day has passed and still no response. PLEASE EMAIL ME UPDATE: 7/17/2021 9:57 (still have not been contacted or responded too) Completely false you did not try to contact me even once. I have my filters off so I never miss an email. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT:

개발자 회신

2021년 7월 17일

Hi Mark,

UPD: Mark, I truly apologize for all the troubles you experienced, but I've double checked our ticket system, and our support team replied to your request within 1hr after receiving it, and another follow-up email was sent 3 hrs later (to both your shop email, and email you provided in the request). I'm not really sure why you did not receive it. I've just tried to reach you from my personal Gmail email address, and I really hope you'll receive that email at least.


Our support team tried to contact you several times yesterday by email you provided but we never heard back from you :( Could you kindly check your SPAM folder or white-list our support email

TK Digital team