European Fulfillment | byrd

European Fulfillment | byrd

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Tech-driven and scalable fulfillment for international growth

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Cross-border Fulfillment

Our international fulfillment solution empowers you to sell and ship your goods worldwide at attractive conditions.

Smart Logistics

Benefit from our order fulfillment metrics and collected data points to optimize your fulfillment strategy and make data-based decisions.

Customized Packaging

We do not only make your packages ready for dispatch but we also provide customizable packaging solutions to strengthen your brand.

Over European Fulfillment | byrd

Scalable fulfillment for your e-commerce growth.

byrd is a tech-driven third-party logistics (3PL) and fulfillment company that provides scalable fulfillment services for your e-commerce business. With the cloud-based fulfillment software, you can access a strong international fulfillment network, enabling you to unlock expedited shipping for your customers and efficiently grow your business.

Our proprietary all-in-one fulfillment software integrates with Shopify with just a few clicks and also gives you the possibility to follow a multi-channel strategy by adding multiple e-commerce integrations. The fully integrated fulfillment solution enables auto-order import, real-time inventory tracking, and shipment tracking synchronization so that the order status gets updated in Shopify as well.

Benefit from our advanced warehousing and fulfillment services:

  • Flexible cross-border warehousing: Distribute your inventory intelligently throughout our network of fulfillment centers with multiple warehouses in Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Dividing your stock flexibly enables you to minimize shipping costs and delivery times, resulting in meeting and exceeding your customer

  • Customized order fulfillment: We provide customized packaging solutions for your orders to boost your brand presence and strengthen your relationship with your customer

  • Advanced cross-border shipping options: We help you to meet the shipping requirements of tomorrow by providing you with a wide scope of carriers. We can offer a variety of delivery options such as next-day delivery, express shipping, economy shipping, and climate-neutral shipping. For every package size, destination and urgency, we have the right logistics partner

See how your Shopify store can profit from our innovative technology:

  • Automate order fulfillment process: With automatic order import, the warehouse can start fulfilling your orders in no time
  • Optimize your inventory management: Synchronize your inventory to track your stock levels in real-time and avoid stock-outs
  • Enhance your order fulfillment: Create bundles (e.g. for seasonal promotions), flag products as organic, or enable LOT & expiry tracking for batches and remain in control over your order fulfillment
  • Maximize transparency: oversee the whole order fulfillment process in real-time and maximize transparency in your supply chain
  • Benefit from smart analytics: Utilize ready-made reports created from collected data points across the whole fulfillment process and further improve your fulfillment setup

Gain access to a scalable and fully digital fulfillment solution and turn your e-commerce logistics into a competitive advantage. Begin today with requesting a quote from us.




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Previously I connected my Store with Amazon MCF using another App. It was working fine, but customers were extremely unhappy to see Amazon branding on top of their products. So, I was in search of an independent e-commerce fulfillment. After a little research, landed at Byrd. Great people and great partnership! Seamless integration. Needed hardly 15 min for my configuration and works like a charm!