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12 januari 2022

Calculates allows for very nice complex shipping options based on table rates, rules and order variables. We've used other app by Amasty before on Magento and were overall impressed with the level of configuration available. My main issues with this app is the rather poor Shopify integration. I can see the same platform is used for Magento. For Shopify, only ONE admin user (the installer) can access the rates and configure the app. App support recommended I give my admin password to other staff. Big no no and not what I'd expect from a professional charging app. Shopify user ID tokens are not used by this app when they really should be. I've never come across this before. Secondly, product attributes to create product segments are pretty useless. You get to segment products based on...Vendor. That's it. You can forget about product tags or even Product Type which is pretty fundamental in most Shopify apps. I'm sure Magento users are swimming in attributes to select. Thankfully SKUs are available but they're not ideal if you have a large catalogue of dynamic products to segment. I feel overall this is a very versatile Magento-targeted app with high aspirations for Shopify. It just seems to needs more love and consideration for Shopify merchants. We're going to use the app and I'll review my rating - maybe even update our tier - if features progress for Shopify, but I suspect these rather fundamental app quirks aren't a priority. Time will tell.

4 dagar användning av appen
Calcurates svarade 12 januari 2022

Many thanks for such a detailed, precious and honest feedback! :)

We are happy to announce that Calcurates now supports Shopify metafields, tags, vendors and collections. It means that the most powerful Calcurates features are now available for Shopify store owners: Shipping Rules, Volumetric Weight, Smart Packaging and Custom Calculation. We've also improved authorization: now it uses store's email which allows all store's users to managing app. Hope you'll benefit much from these updates!

Thanks again for your inspiring feedback!