Call For Price

Call For Price

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Hide price and show Call for Price button!

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Hide Price, Add Call For Price

Shopify store owner can hide product price, add to cart button and replace it with call for price button.

Display Telephone Number

Store owner can display telephone number so customers can contact you via phone.

Form with Product Options

Customer can choose the product options. So, they will be able to send an inquiry for a specific product option (ex. size/color) to owner.

关于 Call For Price

Call for Price

You can replace "product prices", “Add to Cart” button with the telephone number and a "Call for Price" button. Using this Telephone number, visitors can contact your call-center team for more details.

  • You need Call For Price App if some of your products cannot be sold online and you want customers to contact you to negotiate the price.
  • This App helps to do communication between customer and seller for product price and other details.

Provide Call for Price Form for a customer can submit an inquiry of product with its variants.

  • Customers can submit product inquiry with its specific variants. It’s also secured with Google reCAPTCHA code.

Easy User Interface

  • Multiple Settings Options Available in App Admin.
  • You can Install/Uninstall App codes easily from any theme within just single step!
  • No coding skills required. Just enabled products in Call for Price from your store Admin!

Any Questions?

  • Our FAQ is filled with useful information to help. You can check our FAQ list.






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4.5 评分


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Gunderson's Jewelers

I needed an app that would allow our customers to "Inquire More Information" instead of the "Add to Cart" button. "CFP" was easy to integrate and set up! Plus, had additional options and the ability to choose which products I wanted to use the "Inquire More Information". But, most of all the customer support was fantastic. I had a couple tweaks I needed help with and they responded right away and helped me. Thank you CFP!!

Barbara's Boutique

I use this app for my formal wear store. I have private labels that I am not allowed to show prices. It works GREAT! I changed the call to action statement to Text/Call for appointments. LOVE THIS! Not only does it protect my private label prices but it prompts customers to take action!!!!! The developers of this app are such a joy to work with! The app has not had any problems works perfectly! It is EASY to use and for me, that is so important because I love the fact that it was quick and easy to learn! The developers respond ASAP when I have emailed them to add the app to my new Theme change! They take care of their customers! Thank you so much for a great easy to work app & GREAT customer service! I recommend this easy-to-work app!

Seo Digital Club

I used this app for my business and it never works. So not recommended to the Shopify Community. It says this app does automatic installation but after installing it there were no changes. If you don't want to waste your time kindly avoid installing this app.



Sorry for the inconvenience and yes, sometime due to highly custom theme or third party apps, our app may not work out of box, and need our help to set it properly and we are always ready to help our customers in setting up our app.

So as soon as you have contacted us, we have asked for your store access, but instead of granting access, you have rejected our access request and posted negative review.

Atleast you should have given us a chance to check what is the actual issue, it may be something related to your theme or other app conflict.

We are still ready to help you set up our app in your store, but without your store access we wont be able to help.

Many thanks.