Cameraah Button Plugin

Cameraah Button Plugin


Add Custom AR View Button To Your Product Page


AR preview

Add the Cameraah button to any product and show it in a more realistic AR view rather than just 2D images.

Higher conversion

Allowing customers to view a product in AR before a purchase removes any questions about it and leads to assured decisions.

Enhanced shopping experience

A majority of customers prefer, and actively look for businesses which offer AR experiences during the shopping journey.

有關 Cameraah Button Plugin

What is the Cameraah Button plugin?

  • This plugin allows you to offer an augmented reality preview of your product through adding campaign hyperlink button to your product.
  • Customers can click on it and use their mobile phone or tablet cameras to view a 3D model of your product in their environment through AR Campaign link which you can add to your button

Why to use

  • Boost your conversions with Augmented Reality (AR). Enable your customers to view accurate real-size models of your products through their cameras.
  • Customers don't need to try to visualize the products anymore. With this, they can view it right in their environment before making a purchase. This will lead to more assured decisions and satisfied customers.


  • Add an AR button to the product page
  • Customize the button text
  • Add link to your AR Campaign

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