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8 april 2024

Fantastic functionality that has allowed us to manage our inventory to a far greater degree.
The support that Raj has offered has been timely and friendly. Nothing but stellar so far.
He has resolved issues specific to our store (outside the scope of the app) which we greatly appreciate.

The House of Golf
3 månader användning av appen
16 maj 2024

Does exactly what you want it to do with minimal to no influence on loading speed. Fast, reliable & precise support as well.

Kul og Koks
4 månader användning av appen
28 april 2024

I'd like to highly commend the "Camouflage" application provided by Camouflage company, as it is truly outstanding. It is incredibly user-friendly and has provided me with great satisfaction. Its feature for hiding sold-out variants made my shopping experience unbelievably smooth and convenient.

Regarding customer service, I can't praise enough the excellent response from the team at Camouflage, especially the exceptional assistance I received from Raj. They swiftly and efficiently resolved my issue, with a level of professionalism that is unmatched. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction, even during the holiday, reflects their true commitment to excellent service.

I am truly grateful for my positive experience with Camouflage, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for excellent user experiences and exceptional customer support.

2 dagar användning av appen
10 april 2024

Raj was extremely helpful and was very patient and professional. With his expertise and generous tech support the app works exactly like I need it to.

27 dagar användning av appen
6 april 2024

Great customer support recd from Mr Raj . My query was solved within minutes. Also the app is a must have for all shopify store.

7 dagar användning av appen
25 januari 2024

Camouflage gives us much needed control over our variants and greatly improves the customer experience on our store. Raj, the developer, is so helpful and and quick to respond, he feels like one of my favorite coworkers. I'd highly recommend this app. We've had no issues with it and any questions or requests are quickly solved.

Evil Bikes USA
8 månader användning av appen
6 maj 2024

This is a great app to hide out of stock variants. It saves lots of customer inquiries or complaints. It was easy to install and their support is superb which I had to use on the installation. I highly recommend camouflage.

4 dagar användning av appen
14 maj 2024

Support is second to none, always fast and eager to help. Nothing is too much trouble.

New Lane Road Mercantile
13 dagar användning av appen
5 februari 2024

5/5 stars all day. The app does exactly what is needed to hide variants that are out of stock or unavailable, and my product page is so much cleaner and organized now. not only that, but the service is top notch and quite literally is some of the best service i have ever received. can't thank the team enough, you're the best Raj!!

Showcased Cards
8 dagar användning av appen
6 februari 2024

Amazing customer service and very easy to work with. Did a customization on the spot. Highly recommend this app.

Sydney's Wholesale
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen