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Sync detailed customer and order data to Campaign Monitor

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Subscribe your customers

Automatically subscribes customers to Campaign Monitor when a customer makes an order, registers, or updates their store account.

Add a newsletter signup form

Add a newsletter signup form to your storefront. Campaignified includes prebuilt forms, just add your own styles!

Create targeted list segments

Create segments using detailed custom field data pulled directly from Shopify, including product data not included in the official app.

Om Campaignified

Campaignified links your Shopify store with your Campaign Monitor email marketing account by automatically subscribing your customers and passing through detailed customer, order, and product information. If a customer opts-in to be contacted for marketing purposes with your store, their details will be automatically added to your specified list in Campaign Monitor.

Minimal setup

If you're already registered with Campaign Monitor, you can be up and running with Campaignified in under a minute!

What exactly do I get with the paid plan?

For a full list of custom fields, see our pricing page.

A key benefit of using Campaignified is access to our product-related custom fields, which are not available in the official app. These open up a whole range of segmenting and automation options.

Notes on support

Campaignified is a third-party app, and therefore any specific questions or issues with Campaign Monitor are best directed to their awesome support team.

While we make every effort to provide prompt and helpful support for our users, please understand that we are a small team based in New Zealand and offer support during business hours New Zealand time. This means we may not be as quick to get back to you over the New Zealand weekend or on public holidays.

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  • Name and email address only.



  • Detailed custom field data including order and product information.

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Seneste anmeldelser

Furry Finesse Pet

HORRIBLE service from top to bottom. Rude, not helpful, was given 14 day trial but charged me on day one. Sat on a campaign for days with no resolve and due to lack of man power I was told. Way better service available, with better customer service and support.

Udviklerens svar

1. juli 2019

Oh, we’re sorry to hear you had a horrible experience!

The billing side of things is handled by Shopify—and charges on day one even with a free-trial period are usually a result of having installed the app at some point in the past then uninstalled and reinstalled.

We’ll definitely look into how this happened and how it can be avoided in the future.

Usually, we’re very quick to issue a refund in cases like this. If we didn’t do this, please reach out and we’ll make sure it gets done.

As for the campaign side of things, Campaignified is simply a connector for Campaign Monitor. We are not in any way affiliated and have no control over their platform or campaign management. We simply sync data so you can build and manage segments in Campaign Monitor.

It looks from our records like you might have reached out to their support rather than ours.

If we did drop the ball, please feel free to reach out again and we will do our best to make it right.


Has really let me step up my email marketing workflow capabilities and taken communication with my customers to a new level

Rion Douglas Gifts

Great app! Easy to install and great tutorials.