Canada Customs Duty App

Canada Customs Duty App

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Integrated duties at checkout

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Add duties

BorderBuddy Customs experts will review, classify and update your store's products with duties at no charge

Duties at Checkout

The app elegantly displays the duty along with the shipping and incorporates them both at the time checkout,

Eliminate Carrier Ransom

Prior to delivery Canadian truck drivers are required to collect monies owed, forcing a negative emotional experience for customers.

Sobre Canada Customs Duty App

Shipping to Canada can leave Canadian customers wondering if they will be forced to pay duties and cross-border charges when their package arrives. This can raise fear, anxiety, and even lead to canceled orders.

By using BorderBuddy's Shipping to Canada service, your Canadian customers will be relieved to see all cross-border charges at the time of checkout, removing the mystery and worry for them.

BorderBuddy’s Shipping to Canada makes it easier for you and your customers with these seamless international shipping experiences:

During checkout, your customer chooses one of the Shipping to Canada options, just like any other shipping option. They will see all charges including duties, shipping, and brokerage.

After checkout, the Shipping to Canada charges will be collected into your Shopify merchant payments account. We will automatically email you a DDP (Duty Delivered Paid) shipping label and a customs commercial invoice to attach to the order’s packaging.

BorderBuddy will charge your Shopify merchant payments account for the same Shipping to Canada charges and the GST for the order. BorderBuddy will start to prepare the Canada customs declaration.

You will package up the order, as usual, apply the provided DDP shipping label and the commercial invoice, and hand the package off to the carrier. When the carrier picks up the package, BorderBuddy will declare the shipment to Canada Customs and it will be ready to cross the border.

Your customer will receive the package without being asked to pay anything else.

BOOM! Everyone is awesome.


Customs brokerage: flat rate: $15.00 per order ( -68% discount) UPS International shipping: 42% discount

New Benefits:

No more surprise duty and brokerage charges for customers. Low cost on customs brokerage. Shipping label and customs invoice emailed automatically.

Other notes:

  • You will receive negotiated rates with UPS with this service. However, BorderBuddy is not a shipping company, and you will be best served to make normal tracking and shipping type of inquiries directly with the carrier of choice.

** We use the weight that you apply to the products, and if that is lower than the actual or dimensional weight UPS will charge back the extra costs. These extra chargebacks will be charged to your merchant account with an email sent to you for an explanation.

*** All Shopify plans work with BorderBuddy’s Shipping to Canada service. However, if your Shopify plan is not Advanced or Plus, you will need to make sure your Shopify plan is paid annually for it to work.

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CHEFtog - Fantastic app & support is outstanding! Solved our biggest issue - shipping to Canada. When customers checkout, they now see (shipping+duties). No duty surprises once they receive their item. Integration was easy. How does it work? After a customer places an order, Border Buddy sends you a shipping label and commercial invoice. Print and go. That's it!

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19 de outubro de 2021

Thank you for the amazing review of our App. We are truly honoured to help get the super customizable and stylish CHEFtog aprons on more Canadians:)!