Order Cancellable

Order Cancellable

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Let customers cancel order, edit order or reorder easily

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Reduce customer support time

Reduce the time spent on dealing with cancellation request from customers, let them cancel order themselves

Reduce potential chargeback

If an order haven't been fulfilled in time, a customer might get impatient and file a chargeback, cancellable app can potential reduce this.

Easier Reordering

Cancellable makes it easy for customers to cancel, edit and reorder from the order status page and the account page

Sobre Order Cancellable

Customers can make mistakes when ordering. They might enter the wrong shipping address, want to change order items, or simply just changed their mind, and then they will contact your customer support to request cancellation and each support might take quite some time to respond back and take at least 10 minutes back and forth to cancel, which could be spent on supporting another customer and earn more revenue!


What if the customer can cancel order on their own, without having to take away precious customer support time? Customer also get instant order cancellation / refund, which increase customer satisfaction and make them more likely to come back to your store, wouldn't that be good?

Cancellable app allows customer to easily cancel, and reorder any part of an order on their own without having to contact customer support and wait for hours for reply.

This would make your customers happier, reduce customer support workload and potentially reduce chargeback should an order didn't get fulfilled on time.


Cancellable provide interface for customers to cancel/edit/reorder on the order status page (thank you page after checkout), and the customer account page that shows order histories. Cancellable app can also increase sales by allowing customer to reorder by just clicking the Reorder button.

  • Set fulfillment time and time limit for order cancellation (eg: only can cancel order within 30 minutes of placing order)

  • Set cutoff time for cancellation for event ticket product using metafield (eg: can cancel order until 2 weeks before event day)

How does Cancellable app Work?

For installation steps, you can follow our 10 mins guide to copy paste a code to checkout page to add order cancel / edit /reorder buttons to your order status page and your customer account page (if you can click button and copy paste, you can install it).

Order Cancellation: When customer presses the cancel button, they will get a confirmation pop-up. Once they confirmed the cancellation, the order will be canceled and automatically refunded (you can disable the auto refund in settings).

Reordering: When your customer clicks the reorder link, they will be taken to either checkout page or cart (depending on your settings) which contains all the items from the order.

Order Editing: You can think of this like Cancel + Reorder, we cancel and refund the original order, and then fill the shopping cart with all of the items in the original order. This way, your customer has the option to edit shipping details, payments and other information. This can prevent confusions where orders end up partially edited or edited with mistakes.

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  • Allow customers to cancel, edit and reorder
  • Receive email notification when customer cancel or edit order
  • Set fulfillment / cut-off times

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Avaliações mais recentes

The Wave Lights

Finished my trial, and I already got huge use from the app. Works as intended, has a lot of settings you can customize, and is essential for anyone looking to allow customers easy cancellations, and fast ways to edit their order without exchanging a bunch of support emails to do it.

Merry Manor

I installed this app because I loved being able to offer an easy option for customers that need to cancel/edit their order. They can make their requests without tying me up on a phone call. After installation I ran into an issue that had nothing to do with the app. Axel offered to look at my cart to see if he could figure it out. He was absolutely amazing because he found my problem. This is customer service at a whole better level. Axel also made sure Cancellable was installed correctly for me and he was very quick too. Amazing support, staff and app.


The developer has been super helpful in helping us get this running the way we wanted to for our particular store. The functionality is superb and helped us accomplish everything we needed. I highly recommend it!