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18. April 2024

It does the job. However I question the value. We do not sell a lot of (cans) so paying $9.99UDS/month = 13.74CDN would be equal to the deposits on 137 cans.

If you are using it to pass long the can deposit fee to the customer and segregate it from the cost, it will do this, but it will cost you more at the end if you are selling less than 137cans/ month.

I am considering just absorbing the deposit into my costs. It will create savings for the customer and cost me less in the long run.

Schoolhouse Brewery Online
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30. Mai 2023

We have uninstalled this app. We've had multiple issues with fees not being applied at checkout. Most recently, fee rules have been deleting themselves without explanation. Our biggest issue was poor customer support, they have not fixed the issue or gotten back to us. Now looking into other similar apps...

Hell On Wheels Performance Ltd.
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Bearbeitet am 2. September 2023

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