Canvas by CG Pro Prints

Canvas by CG Pro Prints

by CG Pro Prints

On-demand fulfillment for high quality wall and home décor

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Christopher J Wesley's Artistic Agenda

At first the app was okay. I'd give it 3 stars, but in the past two weeks:
I'm unable to create new products.
They don't respond to email inquiries.
You can't get anyone on the phone.

At this point, I don't know why this app hasn't just been pulled from the app store since they have no intention on making the app usable.

I'm writing this review after five phone call attempts and two email attempts to resolve the simple act of creating a product, because the app no longer allows you to do this.

Your best bet is to move along and try something else.

Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog!

I've had this app for almost two years. In the beginning, it was a 5-star app. Now, it barely rates 1 star.

-The app doesn't show all of my products that have been uploaded to my library.
-Can't create new products - the mockup generator doesn't work. No mockups means the app can't take the second step in the product creation process, which is to add products to Shopify.
-CS doesn't even respond to inquiries.

Outside of this app, CG Pro Prints is actually an outstanding company. For my brick and mortar operations, I order canvas prints from CGPP, have them shipped and stored here, then shipped off to brick and mortar retailers around the company. Service is lightning fast, the quality is outstanding, and CS rates five stars.

I'd hoped to continue to use this app for my online presence, as I have limited space to store inventory. But I don't think that will be the case. My advice to anyone considering using CGPP is to dump the app and use another vendor, or order prints from CGPP directly.

Great company. Poor app.

Tripping Sisters

Found the app not entirely intuitive but managed to get it working and loaded several of my works to the library. Prices seemed reasonable. HOWEVER, I ordered two test canvases and it went into a blackhole. When I wrote asking for a tracking number, I got a partial refund with no explanation. When I wrote again a few weeks later inquiring about delivery, I received a the balance in refund. Again no explanation and no communication whatsoever. If they won't even respond to me as the merchant, can't imagine how this would go with my clients. Sadly, very disappointed. I really wanted to work with CG. Too bad.

Fusion Idol Arts

The canvas quality from cg pro is excellent. Their ship times are very good when the app works. That's the problem. The app is loaded with problems and is painful to setup. They don't seem to care about fixing them. A year after uploading and connecting all of the artwork, they archived the files on the backend which disconnected the automated integration.... thus making the app pointless. It's a shame they just don't fix it. It could have been great.

KonoPIX I Performing Images

Nice outside but ugly inside:

- Manual doesn´t look like the actual app
- Shopify integration is horrible
- Can´t even create products
- Image library not available

Save some time and skip that app!!

Our Church Tees & More

This application does not integrate well with Shopify. It's riddled with problems and disfunctional. On top of it all, they charged me $0.01 on my debit card to "verify" it's real as "CG Merchandise O". I WILL get my penny back and I strongly DO NOT recommend this service or app.


application très professionnelle avec un accès facile mais attention de bien lire les instructions sur les formats

Art of Sheila

I've had my store for a month now and it's still not working right. As a programmer, this should be easy, but it's more difficult using templates than coding. I did order prints from CG Pro Prints and they were mostly good, just a little darker than the originals and the colors don't pop as much as the originals, but the biggest problem is I can't get the variants to work. It just creates individual products with no way to have one picture and multiple variants. Closing my store today and looking for other options.

Jimnem Images

I love the products offered, but I have been having lots of problems getting it to function properly. Tech support is good one minute, non-existent the next. Getting ready to look for other options.


By far the best prices and service available. Especeially for artists in the U.S. Great support and response to all of my questions! I have checked out many other dropship photography apps, on average GC Pro Prints was 10 - 15% less expensive than anyone else. If you are a serious photographer and want to sell high quality products, this is the way to go.

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