CarbonCroc: Go Carbon Neutral

CarbonCroc: Go Carbon Neutral


Allow your customers to shop more sustainably!

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Make Orders Carbon Neutral

Customers have the option to add a few cents to their order to make it carbon neutral.

Convert Conscious Customers

With verified donations to climate solutions, you can increase sales through sustainable touchpoints

Boost Brand Image

Customers trust brands with strong values. Increase customer loyalty by becoming a planet protector!

有關 CarbonCroc: Go Carbon Neutral

Protect the planet and watch your business flourish!

After you install CarbonCroc, we will add a custom widget to your cart that allows your customers to offset the carbon impact of their order.

We calculate the carbon footprint of every sale.

With the CarbonCroc app for Shopify you can make all of your products carbon neutral with trusted carbon offset projects (tree planting, renewable energy, carbon storage, and many more).

Your run your business. We'll keep it green.

Fight climate change in 1 click and increase trust and loyalty in your brand. By using CarbonCroc you will convert conscious customers and increase sales while saving the planet.

How does it work?

  1. One click install of our app - if you need assistance shoot us a mail
  2. We add a widget to your theme - no coding knowledge required
  3. We measure the carbon footprint
  4. Your customers can choose to offset the impact of their delivery

Being eco friendly has never been so easy :)

Why use CarbonCroc?

  • Magnet for attracting and engaging customers
  • Increase retention and conversion
  • Stand for something your customers value
  • ...Save the planet

The first step in addressing the climate crisis is knowing your environmental impact. Your business can be a leader in sustainability thanks to CarbonCroc. Your customers will thank you for being climate neutral if you offset the impact!

What do you do to offset my products?

  • Using the guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency, we calculate the carbon footprint of each product in an order. If we have data from the manufacturer we use that instead. We try to be as precise as possible and work on our algorithm every day to make it better.
  • We then use certified carbon offsets to remove the carbon footprint of each order. The selected offsets we use are verified by Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard, and DNV-GL, the premier standardization of carbon offsets. They are transparent, traceable and trusted.

Be green. Feed the Croc.





Optional offset at around $15/tonne

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Cette application fonctionne très bien et permet de proposer à nos clients de réduire leur empreinte carbone.

Tingles Tea

There are two options with this app: either you can offset carbon costs on your own side, or you can present a widget to customers at check out so they can offset their carbon footprint. This is SO cool! They are very hands-on and set up the widget for me with no issues. It looks very pretty and is very easy to use. I talked to the CarbonCroc creator and he is so earnest and dedicated to doing his part while supporting commerce. You HAVE to install this app!!!


This app is great! The way it looks in the cart is great and the team is super friendly and helpful :)