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Data de edição: 30 de março de 2023

This review is done entirely based on my experience, I'm not going to say if it's good or bad, or write a bad review, like, "don't use it, doesn't work" I'd like to be constructive and provide my feedback using this app for more than three years.
It indeed helped to recover abandoned carts using their mail sequence, and the recovery success varies if you have your website in different languages and currencies; if someone had an abandoned cart in French but you sent an email sequence in English, the % of success might be less than if they get a French mail sequence, the same for the currencies, you can define one currency with them, so if you have your Shopify with multiple currencies, then it's getting the problems, the customer is receiving emails with false coins, and the numbers are different as they supposed to be, so few of them just run away. Again, this tool covers just one language and one currency; if you want something sophisticated, it might not work ( or you can use it knowing that, as I did without any problems, I assumed the CR would be lower)
But let's go to the main point; the problem started more than six months ago; a customer sent me an email letting me know that the abandoned cart reminder email went to the spam OK, so I started checking myself, and it was true, I was receiving all their emails to the spam folder, it doesn't matter the address sent, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, always their email went to spam = people can't read them so can't recover any product from my store since they are not receiving them.
After checking the header, I noticed that the IP used by "SendGrid" to send all these recovery emails was flagged from a9ll email serves as SPAM, so everyone using that IP for sending recovery emails went to the SPAM folder; why? Simple they are sending loads and loads of emails have been sent using the same IP/services, and people reported it as spam, and as a result, everyone (using that got flagged ) they told me that it was only me (yeah, I'm the only one using that IP, you are paying me a static IP, yeah, sure) and they manage to change the mail server IP to another/new one, perfect, we tried, it worked, and supposed to be fixed... and they gave me the next six months for "free" just for the inconvenience and for letting them know that their SERVER IP was flagged as SPAM...OK, for BUT yesterday, 6 months after (since this is an automated tool, I completely forgot to check if it was working or not.... I mean, if you configured the app, with a mail sequence, you expect that they are sending) BUT No! any email sent for the last 6 months, 0 , nada nothing, I contacted customer service and after 36 hours I still don't have an answer, and even if they fix the problem tomorrow, they can't help me to recover all these abandoned carts from the last 6 month, they again, claim that everyone is working fine, and they don't know why is not working for me, so 6 months ago I'm kind enough to let them know that their app is flagged as spam, and they thank me without sending any email to anyone, obviously, I stopped using their app, but I keep it for them to test, and check to be able to fix it for the future customers using their app.

After 48 hours, nobody contacted to me, or explain what happened or what is going on, but now from my dashboard ( I deactivated using the app) I saw that a lot of emails had been sent without my permission, or requests, all at the same time, now my customer who left a product on the checkout 6 months ago, is going to receive an email saying " you left something behind...." 6 months after, customer service is getting better and better, and they can't do it worst. Let's see how it ends.

Updated after more than 48 hours:
Thanks for your patience. The technical team has conducted a thorough investigation on your reported case. I want to mention that the reported issue has been fixed, and Emails will now deliver to your Abandoned Carts/Checkouts. We understand your concerns and sincerely apologize for this technical error in your Store's account.

I want to mention that in the past six months Free Trial, all other modules have been working, including the data recording as well as collection and scheduling. The issue occurred only with the email delivery.

So basically, I'm washing my hands, giving you a FREE month, and I'm clapping your back, and this is how this company works in 2023; you might be paying for something that doesn't work.

UPDATE ANSWER: you gave me FREE six months because I was beta testing your product for you and reported emails sent to SPAM folders and IP flagged for SPAM; you claim that "was working", and you gave me six months for FREE the truth is that the app didn't send any email for 6 months when supposed to be working. Now the problem has been solved after 48 hours, why? Because I reported to you if not, you were charging me money for a non-working APP. Did you mention why the APP didn't send any emails for 6 months? What was the problem, and the solution? No, only the problem has been solved; for all future customers, please ADD check if the APP is sending emails correctly; I have better things to do than checking if an automated checkout recovery cart is working correctly and is sending emails correctly, this is YOUR work, and this is why PEOPLE paying for it.

UPDATE 2: since Shopify sends you a reminder of a charging app 48 hours before the charge, and then I contacted this company to let them know about my 6-month problem, they charged me this month because they replied after 48 hours, so I was charged an extra month if you are taking more than 48 hours to reply ( 60 in my case) to re-charge me $12 for this month, you can keep them, now everyone knows how miserable is this company.

Golden Beards
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
Care Cart deixou uma resposta 22 de março de 2023

Thanks for your feedback. We want to update you that the App was made Free for Six Months already under working conditions. You did not approach us during that time for any concern you were facing. The issue that you reported 48 hours back has been resolved already. We are still looking to provide the best solutions to you. You can approach us anytime. Thanks

22 de dezembro de 2017

Once you download it and then close out of the app and then try and go back into the app it shows a blank screen. It would be 4/5 stars, but since this is a huge problem you get 1

Tyde Designs
Estados Unidos
Quase 2 anos usando o app
Care Cart deixou uma resposta 18 de março de 2019

It seems that you faced a problem in the early days of our launch due to which you left a negative review.
However, as you have been using Carecart for over 16 months now, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to update your review.
Please do feel free to contact us on support@carecart.io for any queries.

5 de abril de 2020

captured more unknown than actual emails. I tested out my own email and still listed it as unknown. not helpful and it is useless.

Estados Unidos
11 meses usando o app
Care Cart deixou uma resposta 6 de abril de 2020

We see that the app was uninstalled on 11th March within the trial period and it has recovered some valuable carts for you. Surprisingly, we haven’t received any query related to the issue during that time, until now.

It would be great if you can share more details with us in order to help us resolve it for you. Our support manager is also connecting you via email in this regard.

10 de agosto de 2018

DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giving Gaia
Estados Unidos
10 meses usando o app
Care Cart deixou uma resposta 18 de março de 2019

I sincerely apologize for your inconveneice, however, it seems that you have been using Carecart for over 6 months now, so I am assuming that whatever issue you faced was resolved at early stages.
Therefore, can you please update you review about us as having a negative review for a product that has been working for you for FREE for over 6 months now, hurts a little!
You can also contact us on support@carecart.io and someone from our support team will get in touch with you right away.

6 de agosto de 2019

Very Bad!!!!! it's only collection unknown e-mail. there are much more better aps then this. Please don't install!!!!!!!!!!!

Trade Power
8 meses usando o app
Care Cart deixou uma resposta 7 de agosto de 2019


We tried to connect with store owner several times however never got any response, thus we are putting our point of view regarding this feedback.

The store owner was on our legacy FREE plan and have used our app for over 8 months. The issue he has complained about was because he never turned on the email collector feature of the app, due to which the emails were not being collected for his store.


The store owner never contacted our support team in the timespan of 8 months if he was having any problem and left a negative review for us for a feature that he didn’t turn on. It’s unfortunate and we feel this unfair that despite our best efforts and with continuingly supporting a big number of old users for months for free, we get negative feedback for something that a user never used/enabled.

This is also a learning experience for us and we will be improving our systems to ensure that we can meet the expectation of our app users.

First Response:

Our customer success manager has tried to contact you quite a few times via email and phone, unfortunately, there has been no response. We still look forward to speaking with you and working towards earning back your business.

We’re so sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Our support team has reached out to you and the tech expert is diligently looking for the resolution.

Our support team is available 24/7 and always ready to assist the users. Please share more details with the team in order to help us resolve the issue quickly.

4 de dezembro de 2018

stop d'obligier les utilisateur a mettre une review je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste ! je déteste !

2 meses usando o app
Care Cart deixou uma resposta 18 de março de 2019

We are sorry to hear about your experience, however, please note that leaving an app review is an optional thing and you can always skip it and keep using Carecart app.
As you have been using Carecart for over 3 months now, I would encourage you to please either update or delete your review as getting a negative review for an app that has been working for you for FREE for this long hurts a little!
You can also contact us on support@carecart.io and someone from our support team will get in touch with you right away.

3 de janeiro de 2019

I have everything setup correctly but this app only sent ONE email out of 13 abandoned carts with email. I had to manually email each customer. This app it's worthless.

Veteran's Ventures
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
12 de abril de 2019

It's useless. Don't capture any emails from customers. It sees that someone has abandoned the cart and left its email behind, but the app won't see the email address. Good bye care cart.

Elegance Jewelry
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Care Cart deixou uma resposta 20 de abril de 2019

We apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused.

Our dedicated technical resource has fixed the email capture issue on your store. Please, reinstall the app now in order to verify.

Our support manager will reach out to you via email to further guide you in this regard.

Data de edição: 12 de março de 2018

Stopped working after 1 week, I have so many abandoned carts
Had to switch to another app since this one doesn't work anymore

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
16 de junho de 2020

useless app and poor customer care support..it is not working properly....after uninstallation of this app my shopify abandoned cart is not working

17 dias usando o app
Care Cart deixou uma resposta 17 de junho de 2020

UPDATE: CareCart as a third party app, provides enhanced functionality of abandoned carts tracking which you won't get in Shopify admin panel because Shopify only keeps a tracks of abandoned checkouts. That's why you wont see abandoned carts in admin panel as explained by our support manager.

Our app seems to be working just fine on your store and as an approved Shopify app it does not interrupts abandoned checkout email system in installed/uninstalled state. Our support team has also responded to your query to assist you in the timely manner as we're willing to help you sort it out so you can start recovering abandoned carts.

As it seems an understanding issue rather than a system bug, we encourage you to get this sorted through our support rather than through a public review. We'd like you to remove this review and add a new one later when you have actually experienced our app on your store.