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9 de fevereiro de 2021

They show list of my friends i know personally and who are not influencers but selling their services. I suppose to connect to my own friends? It's not clear how this app supposes to work. Plus, influencers doesn't bring sales, people follow them for freebies.

le Thé Chic
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VYRL deixou uma resposta 11 de fevereiro de 2021


We've reached out multiple times to try and help here. Your store may not have enough sales/subscribers for Carro to discover new influencers. We're here to help in anyway that you need. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

We'd love for you to try our new Brand Partnerships feature where you can use Carro as a Cross-Store Sales Channel!


12 de dezembro de 2020

I tried using the app to help me sell, as the app description state's - leveraging other store sites to maximize marketing and exposure. However I was matched with a vendor whose products were gory and just out of sync with my products. Just throws off the image of my store! Very Bad look for my store.

Fly Gears
Estados Unidos
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VYRL deixou uma resposta 10 de janeiro de 2021

Hi Fly Gears,

Sorry to hear this! We highly suggest that you turn on Manual Approval in our marketplace so that you decide which stores can sell your products. This is what we suggest by default. Please reach out to so that we can help you resolve this! We'd love to help make Fly Gears a success on Carro. :)