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 Cart Conversion Boost

Cart Conversion Boost

Developed by APPSYL.COM - Apps You Love

5 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • REMOVE PAYPAL, APPLE PAY (ONLY MOBILE iOS), AMAZON PAY BUTTONS ON CART CHECKOUT PAGE - and allow the visitor to go through the whole checkout process with no distractions
  • PREVENT SHOPPING-CART ABANDONMENTS - the app simply hides the payment options until the user has entered all details and sees the shipping costs
  • BOOST YOUR CONVERSION SIGNIFICANTLY - now you to send the customer directly to the checkout page and skip the cart, or hide the “Update” button and/or the “Continue Shopping“ button - PLUS: simple setup and no coding required

Use the "Cart Conversion Boost" app to hide PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay payment buttons on your Shopify checkout cart page.

This app is an absolute "must have" for any store owner, and especially for sellers that want to streamline their checkout process and increase revenue by focussing on conversion optimization and user experience.

Why should you hide payment and shopping alternatives?

Many Shopify store owners are trying to get rid of the PayPal, Apple Pay or Amazon Pay buttons, because they mess up the customer experience - the Shopify forums are full of questions about this! Why? Because you want the user to have a great customer experience and capture all the user data right on the Shopify store. Potential customers get distracted when there are too many options. Studies have shown that “less is more” - let’s make it easy for them and focus on the main goal: make the sale! If you remove all distracting options where people can click, then they have no other way than to head straight to your checkout and buy. It is also important to show the visitor the shipping cost before they head over to the “PayPal Express Checkout” or any other payment provider. In addition, if you are using coupons or gift cards, you want the customers to have a chance to actually apply the discount on their order.

Why should you use the APPSYL Cart Conversion Boost App?

As an eCommerce store owner you should set your main focus on one thing: increase sales! Don’t spend your valuable time with trying to code a solution yourself or editing your theme! We have developed the better solution for you already. The APPSYL Cart Conversion Boost app is super easy to install and configure and can boost the sales on your Shopify ecommerce store.

Plus: Use our scarcity feature that includes a in cart countdown timer as well as the possibility to place a big and outstanding image to announce discounts and promotions.

Who are we?

APPSYL.com is an international ecommerce services company with a decade's worth of experience. We are committed to creating amazing apps for Shopify - developed by marketers for marketers.

Cart Conversion Boost reviews

5 reviews
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Cart conversion boost app is worth the price! I love it!


As always, appsyl did it again. You guys made it easy for us to increase our sales by developing apps like this. Kudos to you!


I've been searching for an app like this for a long time and one of my friend refer this cart conversion boost to me. Thanks to the developer of this app!


Yes, hiding payment options until the buyer decided to enter all the needed details is a nice idea. That's what I'm thinking for my store and finally, I found this app.


The cart conversion boost is a must-have if you want to reduce the number of shopping-cart abandonments on your site. I'ts a great way to retain the customers because in reality, people get easily distracted when they saw a lot of options before they can buy 1 product. Shipping cost may shock the buyer so it's a good thing to show them how much it really is before proceeding to the checkout page. So this cart conversion boost app is a goldmine for store owners.

$4.99 / month
7 days

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