Genie Sales Booster ‑ 33‑in‑1

Genie Sales Booster ‑ 33‑in‑1

Thrust Apps

Upsells, Bundles, Volume Discounts, SEO Tools, Page Builder

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30+ Sales Optimization Apps

Page builder, product bundles, spin to win, volume discounts, upsell funnels, one click upsell, pre-order & 25+ vital apps to boost sales!

Save $300+ Per Month

We’ve bundled 30+ essential apps into one, so you can save over $300 per month and continue to grow your successful Shopify store.

Improve Store Loading Time

Multiple API calls from different apps slow down your store loading time. Our advanced caching and optimized API calls improve page speed.

Genie Sales Booster ‑ 33‑in‑1 정보

Genie Sales Booster is the ultimate all-in-one app that includes over 30 essential apps - from tiered pricing and product bundles to one-click upsell and social proof notifications - and saves over $300 per month on app charges while boosting your revenue and conversion rate.

We've bundled 30+ of the most essential tools, such as upsell funnels, product bundles, volume discounts / quantity breaks, SEO tools, countdown timers, social proof notifications, page builder, and many more, in one dashboard to boost revenue and improve your store's shopping experience and loading speed.

Genie Sales Booster includes every app you need to start, optimize, and successfully grow your e-commerce business.


  • One Click Upsell
  • Product Bundles
  • Quantity Breaks - Volume Discounts, Tiered Pricing
  • Countdown Timer
  • Hide PayPal Button
  • Upsell Funnels


  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Sticky Add to Cart
  • Animated Add to Cart Button
  • Back to the Top Button
  • Custom Tab Notifications and Favicons


  • Wheel of Fortune (Spin to Win)
  • Smart Pre-Order
  • Social Proof Notifications
  • Cart Reservation Countdown Timer
  • Beautiful Announcement Bar

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Tools:

  • One-Click XML Sitemap Builder
  • Keyword optimization
  • Social Media Meta Data & Thumbnail
  • Page Load Speed Status
  • Advanced SEO Meta Settings
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Product Page Optimization
  • JSON-LD for SEO


  • Google Shopping Feed Builder
  • Facebook Product Feed Builder
  • Broken Link Scanner
  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Cart Editor
  • EU GDPR Announcement Bar

Easy to Install and Easy to Use

  • Click "Add app" to install GENIE, and then simply enable and configure any apps you want to use.

All of our modules are translation-ready and support French, German, Spanish, and any other language in Unicode format.

Works perfectly with: Oberlo, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, AfterShip, Yotpo, Privy, ClickFunnels (Click Funnels), Loox - Photo Reviews, Bold Cashier OCU, Carthook, Sweet Upsell and other one-click upsell apps, Checkout X, InterCart, Recart FB Messenger Marketing, ReConvert, Spocket, Printful, Custom Cat, Justuno, Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews, and other apps.

GENIE is a perfect alternative for: Vitals, Skip Cart, Bold Upsell - Upsell Smarter, SMART Bundle Upsell, Discounted Upsells, Countdown Timer Bar, Hurrify, Sales Countdown Timer, ULTIMATE Countdown Timer, Urgency, Upsell Bundles – Product Bundle, Bundle Products and Discounts, Bold Bundles ‑ Product Bundles, Bundle Builder, Social Proof & Timers, Fomo Social Proof, Sales Notifications, Sales Pop up - Social Proof, Fera Social Proof, Sales Pop, Wheelio, Spin-a-sale, SEO Image Optimizer ‑ Auto SEO, Plug in SEO, and many others.

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  • Access to all 30+ apps
  • Unlimited app usage
  • Free updates
  • All future apps & modules
  • On demand installation support
  • 24x7 customer support

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가장 최근 리뷰

Nequis Store

So glad I've stumbled upon this app.

I can't believe it's so cheap, has so many features, AND works perfectly with the Turbo theme (unlike many other apps), all at the same time!

We're using it mostly for product bundles, one-click upsell, quantity breaks, and back to the top button, but there's a whole bunch of other features that we haven't tested yet.

Highly recommend!

SK Homemade Cakes

Sluggish app performance.

Trying using the page builder by adding new image block or any type of image, the image upload took years to upload and never succeeded.

Try the better add to cart feature, is never better, It cost additional 10second to fully loaded properly, if not when you scroll halfway on desktop, you will stuck on the add to cart button for a few second.
Too sluggish loading time and slows down the loading time of the website and create so much error code on cart page by using 1 features,

I wonder if put everything on site, will my site ever load.

There's a lot of work the dev need to fix.

But is a great app with many features


The Genia app clearly can save money by providing and supporting services that other apps also do well, but charge individually for. I'm eager to know when an inventory system that can deplete individual products from a bundle (like a gift box) will be added, free of bugs and ready to roll. That would make the Genie app truly valuable.

개발자 회신

2019년 8월 17일

Thank you very much for the feedback. Genie is an ever growing sales library. We will keep adding new features based on our customer's suggestion and demand. We already have 2 different product bundle options - Bundle on product page, Custom bundle page with page builder.
Our product manager will be in touch to get more details on the suggested bundle feature :)