Cart Notifications

Cart Notifications

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Add stylish favicon notification to reduce cart abandonment

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Reduce cart abandonment

Reduce cart abandonment by reminding the customers to get back to the store

Draw attention to your store

Flickering and notification will appear when customers browse away from your store

Generate more sales

Increate your conversion rate by reminding customers to complete their order

Acerca de Cart Notifications

Reduce your cart abandonment

Cart notifications enables stores to add a fun, dynamic notification to indicate customers the current number of items in their cart.

How it works

When a customer adds items to the cart, a nice little notification will appear on the store's favicon (store logo icon). When a shopper moves away from the store tab, the Cart Notification will start to flicker, reminding him to return to the store page and complete his purchase.

Attract customers back

Using Cart Notifications helps store owners to attract clients back to the store creating a sense of urgency in customers that taking action is needed. This increases the chance that the customer will complete the transaction, directly improving the store’s sales. The same concept is used by other popular platforms, such as Gmail and Facebook, to notify the user to go back to the relevant tab.


For a demo go to (Make sure you add items to the cart, and go to other tab to see notifications start to blink!)

Fully Customizable

Cart Notifications is fully customizable so store owners can adjust the notification to fit the store's look and feel! including:

  • Shape
  • Animation
  • Position
  • Font Style
  • Text Color
  • Icon Color
  • Blinking Time Interval
  • Font Family

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Instalación gratuita

PRO - $2.49 (adjusting colors, animation and position ). PREMIUM - $9.99 (adjust EVERYTHING)

3.9 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes


The app isn't working for me. I contacted them about this over a week or two ago, and still have not receive a response.

Cymbal House

One click on install button, app works just as described. A small and nice addition to increase conversation.


The app was working good but they never answered me and so I had a terrible experience with support.