Etsy & ShareASale Integration

Etsy & ShareASale Integration

door Digital Product Labs

List, manage and sync products, orders & inventory on Etsy

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Real-Time Order Inventory Sync

Automatically sync Shopify orders and products to Etsy marketplace, including variations in real-time. Send multiple images tags also!

Sync existing Etsy listings

Do you already sell on Etsy? Switch to ExportFeed with zero hassle with our sync existing Etsy products feature!

Automatic FTP Upload - SAS

Sync to ShareASale on auto-pilot. Simply share your FTP details and we will directly upload your products to ShareASale in a timely manner.

Over Etsy & ShareASale Integration

Exportfeed has the best Etsy integration to list your products, sync inventory and orders . But we don't stop there, with a single subscription you can also sell your products on sales channels like ShareASale, Google, Facebook, and more.

ExportFeed's 7 day-free-trial lets you list up to 50 products (upgrade at any time) & experience realtime inventory & order syncs.

  • Upload products directly to Etsy
  • Get reports for product listing errors & simple resolution tips
  • Make changes in the shop & auto-reflect on the marketplaces
  • You keep all the sales revenue; We don't ask for commission
  • Get help when you need through a one-on-one consultation
  • Advanced order management: ship orders while tracking shipping

Human support: our knowledgeable support team is happy to help you during the process of setting up your integration or even do it for you.

Real-Time sync products on Etsy

No more having to manually update products yourself on multiple platforms. This app syncs your orders and products in real-time on Etsy.

Sync existing Etsy listings with one step

Do you already sell on Etsy and want to upgrade to ExportFeed's superior centralized system? Do it with zero hassle! Our sync existing products feature lets you migrate all of your Etsy listings to ExportFeed’s dashboard in a few minutes. Once synced, you’ll be able to manage your orders and inventory in a centralized system.

Set your own product title & price on Etsy

ExportFeed simplifies the process of listing products by helping you set your own custom title and price on Etsy so that you take in variables such as tax and other fees beforehand.

Order and inventory sync

Have complete control over your inventory that lets you sync all of your Etsy orders in a single centralised system.

Tracking details and fulfilment

Instantly monitor the shipping status/fulfilment of your orders on Etsy as you login to your ExportFeed dashboard.

Convenient seller templates

You will also be able to fetch existing shipping templates from your Etsy account with a single click, excluding calculated shipping.

Smart error reports

No more wondering what issue's causing problems with your listings. Our smart AI automatically detects and suggests smart ways to solve errors.

Other Interesting Benefits of ExportFeed

  • Intuitive user interface - Forget technical skills *Mobile-responsive experience *Seller friendly templates - few clicks setup
  • Include product variations & custom attributes
  • Prompt and responsive support team to help you through every step
  • Schedule in ExportFeed to keep merchants updated
  • Grant feed access to merchants through URL or file upload

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Basic Seller


  • Supports up to 5000 SKUs
  • Etsy Order Limit - 3,000
  • Etsy Order& Inventory sync– Real-Time
  • Title & price customizable
  • Email and Phone Support



  • Supports up to 20,000 SKUs
  • Etsy Order Limit - 9,000
  • Title & price customizable
  • Etsy Order& Inventory sync – Real-Time

Advanced Seller


  • Supports up to 100,000 SKUs
  • Etsy Order Limit 14,000
  • Etsy Order & Inventory sync– Real-Time
  • Title & price customizable
  • Metafield sync support

Super Seller


  • Supports up to 100,000 SKUs
  • Etsy Order Limit 20,000
  • Etsy Order & Inventory sync–Real-Time
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Personal Skype Support

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4.4 van 5 sterren

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I use this to sync my products to Etsy, and it works great. They also have a great Customer support team.

Louise's Party Deals

I have only just started to use this app, however so far I have found it very good and very easy to use. (and I'm not at all tech savy) The support service is excellent, very quick to respond very friendly and helpful. Hopefully it will enable me to grow my etsy business many thanks for the prompt assistance.

Feel Good Images

This app has been great for me to integrate my shopify shop to Etsy, which saved me from having to upload all the products and descriptions to Etsy. This system works in easy harmony with shopify, so any order from Etsy is processed as if it was going through shopify. Really great! It took me a little bit of time to figure out the set up, although I did manage to do it, and then got some great support from Kabin at ExportFed which was really useful to clarify things, and confirm I had set things up correctly. Great stuff! Thank You! : )