Cart2Cart Magento Import App

Cart2Cart Magento Import App

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Migrate Magento products, customers, orders in a few clicks

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5-minute migration setup

Automated Magento to Shopify migration with Cart2Cart consists of a few simple steps. No tech skills required.

Fast data migration

Your Magento data will be imported to Shopify in just a couple of hours. Thus, you can focus on managing your business.

24/7 migration setup

Contact our Customer Support Team via email, phone, or live chat to get all your migration-related questions answered.

À propos de Cart2Cart Magento Import App

Cart2Cart Magento Migration App is an advanced eCommerce migration tool that assists online business owners in transferring the store data from Magento to Shopify or Shopify Plus in just a few clicks with no tech skills necessary.

How to migrate Magento to Shopify in 3 steps?

  1. Install the app and provide your Magento store details.
  2. Choose the data you’d like to convert to Shopify.
  3. Run a Free Demo migration (optionally) or launch Full Migration.

How does it work?

The extension offers a fully automated migration framework where you’re only asked to provide your Source and Target stores’ details, specify types of data you want to migrate and additional migration options, and that’s it.

Data that you can migrate from Magento to Shopify via Cart2Cart migration tool:

  • products
  • product categories
  • manufacturers
  • customers
  • orders
  • coupons
  • reviews
  • multistore
  • CMS pages,etc.

Optional Magento to Shopify migration extras:

  • Migrate Magento customer groups into customer tags
  • Migrate Magento categories into Shopify Automated Collections
  • Preserve Magento order IDs on the Shopify store
  • Create 301 redirects on your Shopify store after data import
  • Migrate categories and products SEO URLs
  • Migrate images from products, categories, and blog posts descriptions

Migration with Cart2Cart migration solution is 100% safe and accurate. We guarantee no privacy violations, unauthorized alteration, and disclosure of data when switching from Magento to Shopify.

Cart2Cart Magento Migration App is exactly what you need to perform Magento to Shopify migration error- and hassle-free. Focus on managing your business and let the Cart2Cart migration plugin take care of every aspect of the data migration.

Magento to Shopify migration. FAQs

How to migrate products from Magento to Shopify step-by-step?

To migrate Magento store to Shopify automatedly, you only need to: 1. Set up your Source and Target carts. 2. Select the data you want to move from Magento to Shopify and pick the extra options. 3. Run free Demo/Full migration.

Is it possible to export Magento to Shopify without losing SEO?

To minimize the SEO impact after the switch, it is advised to choose two extra options while setting up your Magento to Shopify migration - the "Create 301 redirects on your Target store after migration" to keep old products and category URLs working on Shopify, and "Migration SEO URLs of categories and products" to preserve the Magento structure on Shopify.

Can I move Magento images to Shopify with the Cart2Cart seo migration service?

Sure. Migrating with the Cart2Cart will help you export your current Magento products, categories, and manufacturers images and import them to your new Shopify store.

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