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Redigert 4. desember 2017

DO NOT WORK WITH THEM! They did our migration halfway through then wouldn't proceed until we gave them a five star rating. They totally blackmailed us. The final results were not ideal. You're better off using piecemeal uploaders to upload all of your orders/customers/products. Use them at your own risk.

Heatonist Llc
5 måneder bruker appen
23. august 2017

Absolutely HORRENDOUS experience.

People if you value your business, your website, your livelihood then stay FAR FAR away from these people.
I paid $259 to transfer my store over from magento to shopify, $259 is alot but im FINE with that if it worked out.

My biggest problem was when there app did not work well with magento even though they claim it does and all my "configurable" products did not transfer.

When i emailed them i did not get responses for 3 days at a time and when i did get responses you can tell they didnt take more then 30 seconds to look into it (or maybe they didnt speak english), meanwhile my entire site was down. After over a week of trying to get them to fix it i had to hire a local web dev local to do it.

I then emailed them thank you for trying but please refund me as i hired a local dev.

They would not refund my $259 for nothing! they said they cannot refund me it is against there policy.


Liboutique Com
5 måneder bruker appen
21. juli 2017

Horrible experience. They destroyed my formatting during migration. 24 hour support is non-existent, every person tries to shift you to someone else who also won't help you. I had to file a Paypal claim to get my money back. Don't use this service, try somewhere else. They are a joke and I cannot believe Shopify is allowing them to operate.

Book Of Shadows Pages
5 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 4. februar 2018

was not an easy task and was expensive. Many items were missing after the migration and the "tags" and "collections" were completely messed up. It took DAYS to edit the products to get everything right. And there were a bunch of add ons needed so it cost almost $400 and for that price it should have been pretty clean but it wasnt. Needs serious updating. Migrated from Big Commerce to Shopify.

EDIT: SO after trying to update the migration, i tried to use the "insurance" to remigrate. AND IT DELETES ALL OF YOUR WORK!!! DO NOT BUY THE INSURANCE!!!! IT'S WORTHLESS

4 måneder bruker appen
17. august 2020

the worst service ever used. bad import service, it has a lot of problems. the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE i ever used. using this application is a nightmare, costs are crazy and will give you a lot of problems. you will realize that importing products manually is better.

Diego dalla Palma
4 måneder bruker appen
Cart2Cart svarte 17. august 2020

Hi Diego,

First off, please accept our apologies for the situation with your migration that didn't work out as it should. The issue has been already investigated by our technical engineers, but they couldn't fix it due to the blocking of our IPs by your hosting provider (whitelisting our IPs can help).

Our support managers have already reached out to you with the suggested solution. We will do everything we can to make sure your migration issues are fixed as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Cart2Cart Team

18. september 2016

Horrible experience. Not only did they not complete in time, they imported customer data incorrectly, order data and statuses incorrectly, and when they were asked to fix it, they deleted additional data from our website without informing us, or taking a backup! On top of this after haggling for 3 weeks, they have only given us a 20% refund, and we had to hire someone else to fix the mess that these people made! And this is after buying a support package from Magento to Shopify - and we had < 100 orders, customers, and about 600 products, and from a standard magento store with no customization. They have NO experience with this even though they say they do, as the errors they made were so basic.

I would recommend trying as atleast have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Festivya 2
3 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 3. november 2018

STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!! Worst customer service I've ever had. They completely ignored what I said and did the exact opposite of what I wanted. Also they never reply in time and when they do reply, like I mentioned before, they just completely ignore your request and try to take your money in every way possible. This app has caused me so much trouble and they never even offer me a solution. Good luck getting your money back if the app doesn't do what you want. You really should read all the negative reviews before you even consider this app.

Ultra Paws
3 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 3. mai 2019

I have to update my review, this app transferred the products over with the pictures and descriptions. But seems to have caused a lot of issues. Redirects are not proper, titles/descriptions now have utf decoding issues. Pay for the basic features and plan on doing all of the labor intensive stuff by hand.

3 måneder bruker appen
Cart2Cart svarte 20. mars 2019

Thank you for taking the time to leave the review! We work hard to deliver the best experience possible to each customer.

Best regards,
Cart2Cart Team

11. august 2016

Buyers beware - they screwed up our migration so badly we had to erase everything and start from scratch. They said they could move our items from Big Commerce to Shopify in less than two weeks and we wasted over a month listening to their excuses for why it wasn't working until finally we had to scrap all their mistakes and do it manually ourselves. We could have saved a lot of time and money by just doing that from the beginning. Stay away from this company.

3 måneder bruker appen
5. juli 2017

This product isn't working and they are having me wait 24 hours so they can figure it out as tech support isn't available.

Lifetree Wellness
2 måneder bruker appen