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12. februar 2019

I've used them twice now. The first time was 6+ years ago and I forgot why I should not use them. Both times with HUGE headaches! I will never use again. I migrated almost a month ago, I'm still missing orders as well as many URL redirects were broken, items and URLs had duplicates. I have many upset customers trying to buy off a registry what takes them to a 404 page. All you will ever get is: "I have put the highest priority to this task and ask techs to work on it first thing tomorrow", then you wait, then you will get an email asking for "examples" of the issues, which they already have, but because they are in Russia, it will take 24 hours for you to hear back, if at all, and then it will be with another question, to which they have the answer. Like I said, missing order and still NOTHING from them except . . . the highest priority etc. You never hear from them to even know what the status is. Use another company, or find a guru to do it for you. Save yourself the headache.

Posh Baby
2 måneder bruker appen
9. august 2020

After the transfer my images were not available for use independently of their product listing. I cannot use an existing image on another product. I will have to re-upload all images to actually have them in the system. All images for theme and design elements are also not included. Every image for my website will have to be uploaded manually. Subscribers are also not included in the transfer so you will lose all of your subscriber information. If a customer has created an account, it will no longer exist. Double check all of your links and data because the transfer does not work as well as it claims. It would be easier and save you time and money to just do everything manually to ensure that you have all of your data and that everything works correctly. This is a relatively useless app.

Wychbury Ave Soap
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
Cart2Cart svarte 10. august 2020

We are extremely sorry you've found your migration far from being satisfactory. We are working hard to provide the widest scope of the migrated data types, yet API restrictions of the platforms don't allow Cart2Cart to migrate design and theme elements, as well as images that aren't connected to any of the products.
We list the data types that can be migrated on the product page here -, and we also encourage our customers to try the free Demo migration to see how the service will work for their particular case.

Our Support Team is ready to assist with your migration issues, but they need your permission to investigate the case. Could you please provide the examples of the missing images using this link
We hope we will be able to improve your migration results.

Kind regards,
Cart2Cart Team

23. november 2017


I needed to just remigrate the same files over i already paid for, they wanted me to pay again.

After tirelessly telling them it is the same files they still wanted money. So i paid. They remigrated and i specifically chose "DO NOT DELETE DATA" and they deleted ALL data from my store, CMS pages, products, etc...

What a terrible experience, hours and hours and hours of time lost.

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
Redigert 13. august 2019

NEVER would I use this again. I give one star just because their pre purchase sales ability is very good! There is so much work to do after they HAVE YOU do the migration. Customer service was delayed emails, and the time I made a lady speak to me and struggled to understand her, it was no help. They wanted MORE money, and it took everything over in a jumbled mess.

Fountain Alley BodyCare
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
Cart2Cart svarte 13. august 2019

Please accept our apologies about this situation with your migration. We are extremely sorry about the delays and are ready to fix the issues with your data that has not been moved over correctly as fast as possible.

However, without the examples, our techs won't be able to find the reason for this issue.

Our support team has contacted you about this problem, so if you could point out to them what entities you're not happy with, it would help speed up the resolution.

Kind regards,
Cart2Cart Team

Redigert 24. juni 2019

Still 0 Star.
The migration service is poor.
I'm try the full migration but I just lost my time. the synchronization sistem is too much Bad
And Now I just need my Refund by my add fund but they don't give it to me.

They starting refund process AFTER 2 WEEKS. And they is SO ANOING because I’m just want my Refund and they still saying many times

“ We will be able to add $50 to your Cart2Cart account, if you change the review in Shopify. It is very important for us.”

Really they Don't care about CUSTOMERS and a GOOD Quality Service.

Japanconnect Store
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
Cart2Cart svarte 24. juni 2019

Hi there!

Please, accept our apologies about your migration outcome. We are extremely sorry to hear that it didn't work out as expected, and have already provided a refund for it.

Thank you for trying Cart2Cart. We hope next time it will be a satisfying experience.

4. oktober 2017

The first attempt at migration from 3dCart left us without product images and they imported abandoned carts as paid orders. I contacted support. It was days before they had a fix. Then they still had abandoned carts coming in as paid. Again I contacted them. It was over a week before they attempted again. We had almost 30,000 orders to import. The multiple attempts ended up creating duplicate orders. So now we have over 90,000 orders in the system, many of which are duplicate and triplicate orders. Each time they say they have to figure out what happened and try again. I expected for over $400 they could get this done. I was quoted a 10 hr migration. It has been over 3 weeks now and we still do not have a proper migration and we will have to hire another company.

Oh, and not all customers ever imported and the ones that did, their passwords did not work. Many had to create new accounts. Luckily Shopify's system is smart enough to match customer accounts with orders based on the email address used.

I do not recommend dealing with them. They clearly do not know what they are doing when it comes to a larger store with hundreds of item, thousands of customers and tens of thousands of orders.

28 dager bruker appen
14. februar 2018

I needed to import less than 40 products but was given an error that my host had blocked their IP address. They then said I would need a custom migration which which start at $299.,,

24 dager bruker appen
7. mai 2020

Absolutely Awful,

Used this service to minimize my migration work for a Wix store, Migration was painful and required support. This was a fresh Shopify store with no other Apps installed. Then every previous customer emailed a re-confirmation email. Car2Cart store took no responsibility (I didn't email them!) and was incredibly unhelpful, offered no refund. This created twice the amount of work I was trying to avoid.

But I've been offered %50 off the next time I need my workflow ruined...

Civil Liberties Bottled Offerings
23 dager bruker appen
Cart2Cart svarte 8. mai 2020

Please, accept out sincere apologies regarding your unpleasant experience with Cart2Cart Store Migration App. We'll do our best to offer you an optimal way of resolving the problem. Feel free to contact us any time.

Cart2Cart Team

7. februar 2019

Poor. The estimate for the migration was 31 hours, we have just over 11,000 products and 10,800 customer files and it took 8 DAYS!!! We were given excuse after excuse for the delays like we were 'Trial' customers, which we were NOT, we were paid, blaming Shopify for limiting the API connections, which Shopify stated they don't, MULTIPLE TIMES but finally done. We also have many items incomplete that we are correcting. We did take the insurance for the re-migration but can't wait another 8 days, we are still working to reconstruct the ones with missing information which has pushed back our re-opening of the site by 3 weeks. They need to get their stuff together and give accurate time estimates. Also, their support sucks, if you email them they 'normally' respond in 24 or more hours. Buyer Beware!

21 dager bruker appen
7. februar 2018

Completely ruined our non-migrated data. Most of our pages and collection were completely deleted despite indicating to not migrate them. Don't use.

Offer Space
21 dager bruker appen