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Redigerat 1 december 2017

Terrible. Absolute scam. Migrated orders and customer information; does NOT migrate passwords NOR create an account so there is no way for customers to log in at all. Password reset doesn't even work. Furthermore now all their email addresses are in the system so they cannot even use the same email address to create a new account. If you want to totally nuke your store and alienate all your current customers, by all means use Cart2Cart.

EDIT: The limitations are a Shopify issue and not the fault of Cart2Cart - however, they are less than forthcoming with this information before the migration and lead you to believe that all will be well once migration is complete, which is not accurate.

Mer än ett år användning av appen
Redigerat 16 juli 2020

Although it was fast and easy-it did not import everything. All of my sales pages did not import any of the images/video/descriptions. They all imported as very basic product pages. I had to use PageFly to redesign everything. Blog posts did not import either. Regular webpages did not import (I have over 150 web pages on my website) and you'd have to rebuild every single page, BUMMER. I am bummed out because none of this was mentioned on their website and I could not get a refund. But it appears this is the only option available right now for WEEBLY to SHOPIFY migration.
Also if you have digital downloads on your website-they will not migrate. I learned this the hard way when a customer purchased a digital download and never received it. You will need to download a DOWNLOAD app from Shopify and manually upload those files. I would give this app 5 stars had they only stated all of these issues in advance.
your reviews will not be imported either (again not mentioned on their website) so you will need to export them from your old site and import them to Shopify. Weebly does not let you export reviews so I had to copy and paste into a csv file. It was a good alternative but would have been nice to know in advance. Left me really frustrated after my migration to see so many things missing.

Deja Drewit
11 månader användning av appen
Cart2Cart svarade 17 juli 2020

Hi Deja,

We are extremely sorry you had to do so much manual work to bring over all the data to your new Shopify store.

Unfortunately, due to peculiarities of certain platforms, sometimes it's impossible to move certain data entities.

Nevertheless, we are doing our best to show our customers what data exactly can be migrated for their specific Source and Target platform - this information is presented at the product pages. Basically, we list only items that can be moved, and don't mention the data that cannot be migrated.

We have double-checked the Weebly to Shopify migration page, and it does contain the note about the migration of downloadable products, plus there are no reviews, blog posts, or pages in the list of entities that can be transferred to Shopify.

Still, it might be a good idea to make this info more prominent, so we'll work on this.

Thank you for your feedback!

Redigerat 12 oktober 2016

Communication is a problem with these folks--they don't do well at letting you know what's going on with your migration. Our "migration in minutes" was suspended with no explanation, and I had to repeatedly contact them before they finally discovered someone had made a mistake on our order. Our migration has been problematic, but the customer service people have been nice to work with although they sometimes gave me conflicting information that was very confusing.

8 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 1 mars 2017

Good value for getting 1000's of products moved but the process has so many variables that much can go wrong. In our case we had a lot of products which had many variations and so we had to pay more to get them imported (the import failed with the standard transfer). I would say we had an average experience with a large transfer like this. If you have a lot of products, like over 1000+ with lots of variations, make sure to just order the extended package right away. It will save both sides much time.

Crafters Vinyl Supply
14 dagar användning av appen
24 februari 2019

Used this to migrate from Volusion to Shopify. It did a good job of migrating all of my products. Migrating previous orders and customers was a little less successful. When I contacted customer service, I would have had to give them login info and passwords for both my target and source stores. Which I didn't feel comfortable doing. I would have rather them looked at my CSV files.
If you have a lot of products and photos it is most likely worth the price.

Xocolatl de Davíd
11 dagar användning av appen
Cart2Cart svarade 20 mars 2019

Thanks for sharing your opinion! We totally understand your concern about providing store access details. Unfortunately, there is no other way to fix the issue in your new Shopify store.

We take every measure to ensure total security for our customers' sensitive info, details are here:

Best regards,
Cart2Cart Team