Cart2Cart Wix Migration App

Cart2Cart Wix Migration App


Import all your Wix eCommerce data in minutes

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Easy migration setup

You don’t have to be tech savvy to perform Wix to Shopify migration with Cart2Cart on your own.

Uptime of the current store

Your current Wix store will stay live during the imigration process. You can keep selling while running the data transfer.

24/7 live support

You can get in touch with the Support Team via email, phone, or ticket. We’re 24/7 available to solve any migration-associated issues.

Cart2Cart Wix Migration App 정보

Wix Migration by Cart2Cart App is a world-famous eCommerce migration tool that allows performing Wix to Shopify or Shopify Plus migration without any codes and scripts.

3 step Wix to Shopify migration setup with Cart2Cart:

  1. Install the app and specify your Wix store details.
  2. Choose the data you’d like to import.
  3. Run a Free Demo migration (optionally) or launch Full Migration.

What data entities can be imported from Wix to Shopify or Shopify Plus with Cart2Cart:

  • products
  • categories
  • customers
  • orders
  • blogs
  • blog posts
  • multistore, etc.

Optional Wix to Shopify migration extras:

  • Create 301 redirects on your Shopify store after migration
  • Migrate Source Store categories into Shopify Automated Collections
  • Migrate images from products, categories, and blog posts descriptions
  • Preserve order IDs on the Shopify store

Cart2Cart guarantees 100% security of your data during the Wix to Shopify migration and safeguards your sensitive info.

Benefits of Wix to Shopify Import App by Cart2Cart:

  • It’s secure for the eCommerce data provided for the import.
  • It is easy to perform even for non-tech-savvy customers.
  • No downtime of your current e-store during the whole migration process.
  • Migration preview available.

Cart2Cart Wix Migration App is an optimal and hassle-free way to import store data from Wix to Shopify without the help of a developer. Focus on your business development while Cart2Cart takes care of the data transfer.


How to transfer from Wix to Shopify step-by-step?

Go through the short instructions below to move your Wix store data to Shopify automatedly:

  1. Specify your Source and Target platforms.
  2. Pick the store entities you want to transfer to Shopify and choose the extra options to refine your migration.
  3. Map your Wix languages/currencies/order statuses to the corresponding ones on Shopify.
  4. Run free Demo migration.
  5. Launch Full database migration.

Is categories and subcategories migration supported by the Wix Migration by Cart2Cart?

Absolutely. Keep in mind, however, that due to the Shopify platform's peculiarities, you’ll have to use the Migrate Source Store categories into the Shopify Automated Collections additional option to preserve the relations between the entities.

Can I transfer products from Wix to Shopify via the App?

Sure. To export Wix products, you only have to check the corresponding box (Products) in the Migration Wizard during the migration setup. When done, you’ll have all your current store products transferred from Wix to Shopify automatedly.


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