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Developed by Joe Suh

Price: $250.00 – $1,000.00 / month Free Trial: 45 days More info
  • Recover more abandoned checkouts. Guaranteed.
  • Outsourced remarketing - leave your abandoned checkouts entirely to us
  • Performance-based pricing - only pay 5% of ADDITIONAL revenue we generate for you

Please contact us before you install the app. This is not a self-service app, and we want to talk with you on the phone to ensure we're a good match for each other before we begin

Guaranteed Results

If you don't see a lift in recovery rates of your abandoned checkouts within a month, you don't pay.

Our customers have increased abandoned checkout recovery from 3-6% to more than 10%. If you're currently recovering less than 10% of your abandoned checkouts, you're leaving money on the table. Let us recover more customers for you. That's our specialty.

We achieve better results because of our unique ability to do granular micro-segmentation of your abandoners. Each customer abandons their checkout for different reasons - your remarketing campaign needs to tailor the message to speak to that individual.

Set it and forget it

Spend 1 hour with us initially so you can give some general direction (ex do you have a free shipping offer, what discounts are you willing to give and to who, etc). We'll then create your segments and write your email copy.

Think of us as your outsourced remarketing agency. We'll constantly monitor your abandoned checkouts, test different messaging and offers, and optimize your campaigns. You'll get email reports with revenue upside and recovery results. See some sample reports here: https://medium.com/@cartback

Performance-based Pricing

We let our app run for 30 days to collect data and establish a baseline. During that time, we don't send out our emails. You'll still use your current abandoned checkout app.

Once we agree on the baseline, we let our micro-segmented emails loose. In some cases, we've doubled the recovery rate. Your mileage may vary however, and so we only charge based on the ADDITIONAL revenue our app generates for you

All other abandoned checkout apps charge a flat fee, or a % of total revenue. We are the only app that charges only on upside over your current abandoned checkout results.

For example, let's say your current abandoned checkout app gets $10K per month in sales for your store. If we increase it to $14K per month, then we charge 5% of the additional $4K we created for you. Or $200/month

Some definitions

Abandoned Checkouts are when your customer starts the checkout process and gives you her email address. This is different from abandoned carts where no email address is captured

Recovery Rate is the % of abandoned checkouts that get recovered as sales. Average recovery rates are 4%-8%. Good recovery rates are 8-10%. An excellent rate is 12-20% (we aim for excellence!)

Remarketing is the practice of emailing an abandoned cart sequence. It is different from retargeting which is when you hit customers with ads on different sites. Remarketing generally has a higher ROI than retargeting. And with our app, we guarantee it!


Can I see examples of stores where CartBack is live?

Here are a couple:

There are a lot of abandoned cart apps. What makes this different?

Two things:

1) The micro-segmentation of abandoned cart visitors differentiates our software. This lets us slice and dice your abandoners to a level of granularity that no other app can do, and we tailor different messages to each micro-segment

2) Our consultative approach means we handle your abandoned cart emails completely. We focus on your abandoners while you run your store.

What kind of micro-segments do you use?

These are just a few of the conditions we can create:

  • 1st time customer vs repeat

  • Order value in cart

  • Certain products in cart

  • The country or state (or even city!) of the abandoner

  • Whether a discount code was used

Do you only work with Shopify Plus customers?

Yes. Your store needs to have a significant volume of sales. We guarantee that we will move the needle on your revenue. And since we only charge 5% of the upside that we generate for you, we can only work with larger stores.

CartBack reviews

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We've seen a great increase in our abandoned cart recovery since using Cartback.

The service is excellent, the team is passionate about continually increasing recovery rate and they are great to work with.

Highly recommended tool for increasing revenue without having to do much work - they handle it all!


Cartback is not your usual abandoned recovery email. Using Samsung's unique technology to analyze the reason for the abandon we have been able to see our average recovery rates jump from 8% to 15% and a peak of 30%

They offer as personal onboarding service and work with you and your orders to discover the true reasons for the cart abandon and then the machine algorithm takes the best guess action as to what will recover it.

Impressive technnology, Impressive company, impressive results.

$250.00 – $1,000.00 / month

Pricing is based on performance. We take 5% of additional revenue uplift from recovering abandoned checkouts. So first we let the app run for a full month to determine and agree on your baseline, and then we charge 5% of additional revenue recovered over your baseline

45 days

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