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Abandoned Cart Popups by CartMail

Abandoned Cart Popups by CartMail

Developed by Joe Suh

11 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Shoppers get emailed their shopping cart so they can purchase later
  • Popup shows the specific product they're leaving behind
  • Works for both mobile and desktop shoppers

Shoppers automatically get emailed their shopping cart

Our pop-ups target the visitors who put items in their shopping cart but did not start the checkout process. These visitors did not give you their email addresses yet.

Prompting them to get a link to their cart can save these highly profitable customers before they're gone for good!

We just added Facebook/Google sign-in buttons. So the friction to enter an email address is gone, especially on mobile. You'll collect more email addresses this way and your shoppers will have a better experience

Works for both mobile and desktop users

As your shopper moves her mouse to close her browser, click back, or enter a new url, a pop-up will ask if they want a link to their shopping cart.

On mobile, we also look for similar signs they're about to leave. For example, a brief scroll-up after the user scrolls down for a certain time.


Can I customize the email that gets sent?
Yes, you can use our email editor to customize the abandoned cart email

Can I customize the popup?
You can change the text, font, and colors of the popup to match the color scheme of your site.

How will I know it's working?
Your dashboard will show the # of popups displayed on both mobile and desktop, the # of emails collected, and the amount of revenue the app has recovered. We'll also send you a monthly email with a summary of these stats

How do you keep track of revenue recovered?
If your shopper gives her email address, we check the Shopify Orders API to see if that email address made a purchase for the same items left in her cart. If she made a purchase for a different product than the one we emailed about, we do not take credit for that purchase.

Should this replace my abandoned cart email app?
Abandoned cart email apps only cover shoppers who started the checkout process and already gave you their email address. These apps don't cover visitors slightly higher in the funnel who added something in their cart but did not start to check out.

You can use both types of apps in parallel. There is a chance of overlap. But in those scenarios, your shopper will just get emailed from separate apps.

How often does the popup get triggered per visitor?
Each visitor only sees it once per hour

Will my visitors get annoyed?
We only show the popup on exit intent if and only if your visitor added something to their cart. And each visitor only sees it once per hour. So it's minimally intrusive and triggered only when you need it

Can I see the popup in action on a live store?

(you'll need to add something to your cart first)

Tar Disk

Bird and Knoll

Aurum Brothers

Local Eclectic

Abandoned Cart Popups by CartMail reviews

11 reviews
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I like the results-based pricing and all apps should follow a model like this. They take 5% of sales, but ONLY sales that they generate through their popups.


Works Great. Don't think that your on your own. The customer support is prompt and patient with my amatuer skills. Joe is willing to listen and work with you. Excited to purchase another app from them.


I've only recently installed the app but so far so good! I'm really looking forward to see how successful it is in the future!


Great development team who are on the ball and quick to reply to queries. Easy to install and use.


Great app. It genuinely works and expands thr sales funnel. Very easy to set up and start with and also works on mobile which is a huge plus.



I was skeptical when I installed CartMail, but in the first day, it recovered about $250 worth of items.
It makes sense, though. The traditional abandoned cart recovery apps work on the prerequisite that people create an account and give you their email address, which a lot of people don't.
This app doesn't require people to sign up. They just receive a one-time email with their cart contents. THEY sent it to themselves, so whatever email the app catches is definitely a potential sale.

Good things will come from this app. I can feel it :)


CartMail takes another strategy to recover abandoned carts compared to other apps. CartMail provides gives the customer the option to email the cart to themselves if they attempt to leave your site with an item in their cart. Helpful for shoppers not quite ready yet or are not comfortable with mobile checkout. Great app and developer is very responsive. The app is still new and is receiving frequent updates/improvements so I'm sure it'll continue to improve over time.


Excellent app, does exactly what it says it does and very well too and should easily cover it's cost and more with cart recoveries. Support for the app has also been excellent and very accommodating to my requests. Highly recommended, a noteworthy app.


Awesome app and support. This is real abandoned cart recovery, it's one step ahead of the abandoned checkout recovery (after people enter their information) which is often falsely described as abandoned cart recovery.

Cartmail recovered $7500 in sales over the past two weeks, quite impressive!


Amazing app and customer service. Works better than the standard Shopify cart recovery because CartMail captures emails after customers simply add to cart so they don't need to even initiate the checkout process. CartMail has recovered over $2,500 in sales in the past 30 days and I think we're just getting started! I highly recommend this app to anyone that is looking to increase overall conversions.


Free for up to $500 recovered. If the app makes more than $500 for you, you'll be prompted to upgrade for $11.99/month

Support & Sales

Joe Suh
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