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28 de julio de 2022

DO NOT INSTALL THEY ARE NOT "HONEST" AND FALSELY CLAIM % OF YOUR REVENUE - They changed the way the bill didnt tell us and continued to claim on everything and send random text messages to customers now so they can then Claim they "engaged" the customer when they purchase - its a complete sham of an app thats just for made for skimming our revenue and shopify gets 30%of whatever cartloop claim so they dont care to remove them from their app store! and were on Shopify PLUS and pay shopify a fortune for the worst customer service ever- even after 2 months .

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 9 meses
HonestTech respondió 1 de agosto de 2022

Hi Irene,

I appreciate you flagging an outdated article to us. About the charges, as previously discussed and later confirmed by Shopify, we don't have the access to change your plan.

All the messages we're sending are triggered depending on the flows you have in place. We cannot initiate a text message unless the subscriber opted-in for SMS and, in your case, abandoned the cart.

All the charges are daily updated into your account and you're notified about them, besides the weekly report we're sending to you. In your dashboard, you have a report you can download showing all orders we attributed a sale for.

I'm truly sorry you did not enjoy your experience with SMS, however, we cannot agree with your claims.

xx Alexandra

1 de septiembre de 2021

I'd give it zero if I could. I've never had so many issues with a shopify approved app in the 4 years I've been in business. 1. I had so many glitches in the first 24 hours that my customers were completely frustrated and confused. Cartloop's system got stuck in a loop and kept sending the same text message over and over and over again. Embarassing. 2. I woke up this morning to 300+ international subscribers on my list. Which is a problem because A. I don't ship internationally and B. I'm not going to pay for credits to send campaigns to subscribers who can't even order from me. And C. I did not have 300 international visitors to my website last night per my Google Analytics. Which means someone (likely Cartloop) added 300+ bogus subscribers to my list. And I'm not okay with that. 3. Their payment plan is not clearly laid out. The essentials plan says "Unlimited Messages" in exchange for 10% of sales. But when I try to send a campaign to my subscriber's list, I was informed that I needed to pay for more credits. SO they're going to get 10% + the cost of credits. Which is massively expensive when compared to other text services, but wouldn't be so frustrating if they'd just explain that in the first place.

Just Gorgeous Darling
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 6 días
HonestTech respondió 10 de septiembre de 2021

Hi Ashley,

We're so sorry to hear this. All the issues you raised were fixed immediately after you flagged them.

We'd hope you can give us a second chance to show Conversational SMS Marketing can change the way you interact with your shoppers.

I'm so sorry,

xx Alexandra