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31 oktober 2022

We started using this app as a way to have quicker support for potential customers and to decrease cart abandonment thereby increasing conversion and it's done exactly that for a really reasonable % cost to us. They are also the most helpful support team I've come across with a software/tool like this and will help you get everything set up and even help write your texts and templates. It's true what they say people are more responsive to txt and thanks to cartloop we're building a decent txt list. Highly recommend to any other ecom business big or small.

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HonestTech svarade 31 oktober 2022

We appreciate the kind words, India! Looking forward to achieving milestones with you! 🚀


11 september 2022

We have been using Cartloop for some time now and are very happy with their service and frequent communication with us. They have ensured to always have the correct information for customers and said customers are always happy and informed after using Cartloop. We recommend!

The Pilates Shop
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HonestTech svarade 19 september 2022

Hey guys, thank you so much for the feedback! It has also been a very smooth experience working with you. Can't wait to see more stunning results! 🚀


8 september 2022

Recently completed the onboarding process with Cartloop and absolutely loved it. They are extremely efficient and Alexandra was super quick to help us out with everything. Looking forward to seeing the results with SMS marketing!

Happy Mammoth
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HonestTech svarade 8 september 2022

Hey, guys! Thanks for the feedback! Can't wait to see your sales skyrocket! 🚀


31 augusti 2022

The initial information and onboarding sessions were exceptional and gave us 100% confidence in going forward with Cartloop. We have been up and running for a few months now and encouraging results are starting to roll in. We have high hopes for Cartloop going forward!

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HonestTech svarade 8 september 2022

Hey, Cory! We're super happy to have you with us. Your results are already looking amazing and we can't wait to see more! 🥳


17 augusti 2022

I had reservations about using the app initially but the support team has been superb from the start! The regular check-ins and suggestions to help grow my business has been amazingly helpful! By far, this is the best experience I had working with an app.

Rania Hasna Nature Elements
HonestTech svarade 17 augusti 2022

Rania, we really appreciate your wonderful feedback! Excited to see more results! 🥳


12 augusti 2022

This is a great SMS app. We love that there are real people responding to our customers--not AI. And, we love that the SMS is not intrusive, but helps us engage with our customers. The customer service at Cartloop is top-notch. They are very responsive, incredibly helpful, and they go out of their way to help us achieve success with SMS.

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HonestTech svarade 15 augusti 2022

Awww, thanks for this very sweet feedback, Nina! Excited to reach new milestones with you! 🚀

28 juli 2022

DO NOT INSTALL THEY ARE NOT "HONEST" AND FALSELY CLAIM % OF YOUR REVENUE - They changed the way the bill didnt tell us and continued to claim on everything and send random text messages to customers now so they can then Claim they "engaged" the customer when they purchase - its a complete sham of an app thats just for made for skimming our revenue and shopify gets 30%of whatever cartloop claim so they dont care to remove them from their app store! and were on Shopify PLUS and pay shopify a fortune for the worst customer service ever- even after 2 months .

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HonestTech svarade 1 augusti 2022

Hi Irene,

I appreciate you flagging an outdated article to us. About the charges, as previously discussed and later confirmed by Shopify, we don't have the access to change your plan.

All the messages we're sending are triggered depending on the flows you have in place. We cannot initiate a text message unless the subscriber opted-in for SMS and, in your case, abandoned the cart.

All the charges are daily updated into your account and you're notified about them, besides the weekly report we're sending to you. In your dashboard, you have a report you can download showing all orders we attributed a sale for.

I'm truly sorry you did not enjoy your experience with SMS, however, we cannot agree with your claims.

xx Alexandra

20 juli 2022

This is a great app and the customer support is exceptional! I'd highly recommend this app for people wanting to drive sales by starting conversations with potential customers.

Record Roots
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HonestTech svarade 21 juli 2022

Hey, Felix! Thanks for the feedback! We'll be with you as you grow your brand even more! 🚀


11 juli 2022

Cartloop's approach to business is the same as mine. I was surprised at how much they researched my site and understood my message, before they reached out to me. Each person has an ownership quality for how much care and how much they give to the process. So far, the best experience I've had on this journey.

Just Authentic
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HonestTech svarade 12 juli 2022

Dean, we appreciate the feedback! We're stoked to have you with us! 🥳


7 juli 2022

Great APP, easy installation and Onboarding. It can really help you improve your CR, customer engagement, retention, etc. We also love their team, they are great!

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HonestTech svarade 7 juli 2022

Hey, thanks for the awesome feedback! Can't wait to see more results! 🚀