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Convert w Smart Search, Cross-sells, Recent & Related Products

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Lighting Fast Smart Search

Predictive search allows users to find what they’re looking for and quickly navigate through your website to make their purchase.

Upsells & Cross-sells

Upsell to your customers by pushing related or complimentary products. Increase revenue by displaying last minutes additions to their cart.

Many More Features

Display promotions, list recently viewed items, welcome back returning customers, showcase items viewed in past visits, and more!

Acerca de CartLOVE

CartLove is a multifunctional tool for ecommerce stores aimed at ensuring the process of selling your products faster by making them easier to find and buy online. . We integrate your shopify store with CartLove’s platform. Once your product feed is connected, your customers will automatically have access to a whole host of product tools including the following:

Lighting Fast Predictive Search: Search starts when you start typing and always serves the most relevant results first followed by other relevant results.

Related/Similar Products Display: CartLove helps you upsell to your customers by displaying related and similar products to what they are currently looking at.

Cross-Sells: Cross-sells allow you to choose specific products to show a customer when visiting a product page. This is great for choosing complimentary product options and promoting products that you want to sell more of!

Previously Viewed Items List: By displaying previously viewed products, we enable the customer to revert back to former choices much easier.

Onsite Retargeting: Personalize your customer experience with this feature by showing products that they viewed in their last visit or session. This will help save them time and increase your overall convertibility.

Discount and Sales Promotion: CartLove cleverly alerts the customer to your current promotions without interrupting the shopping experience. Optionally, you can set up visible countdown timers to create urgency around each promotion.

Provide Social Proof: Daily product view counts shown to website visitors reinforces the buyer perception of a product's overall popularity and value.

Custom Messages - Greet your customers with customizable welcome messages.

Customizable Themes: With our customization options, you can choose from sleek, eye-catching themes to match the aesthetic of your brand and style of your website.

Mobile-First Design: The CartLove tool was designed with a mobile-first mentality to ensure customers on their smartphones have the most fluid experience possible.

With CartLove, ecommerce has never been more convenient. Enrich your customer’s online experience, help them fill their cart, and earn more revenue for your business!

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