Cartmate ‑ Mobile App Builder

Cartmate ‑ Mobile App Builder


Create a mobile app in less than a minute! iOS & Android.



Your store automatically syncs with the Cartmate app and instantly appears in it.


Attract OUR platform's subscribers to YOUR store. Get customers from other listed Shopify stores and app stores daily!


Don’t hassle with app stores. Just click the “Add app” button to start your mobile business now.

有關 Cartmate ‑ Mobile App Builder

Cartmate allows you to manage and integrate your in-app mobile storefront with ease; it is a simple and effective way to grow your business quickly with a mobile app. Use it as your own in-app mobile storefront or join the Cartmate Traffic Exchange program and get unlimited new customers from other shops and app stores every day.

How does it work?

You no longer need to create an app of your own to sell goods on mobile devices. The platform allows you to use our mobile app with OUR shoppers as YOUR mobile sales channel like if you are using your own application. Add your store to the Cartmate app and start selling today! It's that easy!

Worry-Free Setup

Want to create a mobile shop in Cartmate? It’s just two steps and NO programming. Simple!

  1. Use the One-Click Install plugin to start your trial today. Our platform automatically syncs all of your products with the Cartmate mobile app.
  2. Your store will appear in the Appstore and Google Play instantly. Easily customize it in a few clicks. Make your store your own; with Cartmate, you’re in control.

Access to App Stores In a Flash

Most app development takes 1-4 months. With our ready-to-launch solution, your store will appear in the AppStore & Google Play Store in minutes. All you need to do is install Cartmate. That’s it. Why hassle with the initial requirements needed for the app stores? With Cartmate, you're a click away.

Push Notifications with Promotion Banner Technology

This pair of features ensure that your customers never forget about you! Additionally, use them to increase conversion rates and attract new shoppers. Once you upload your text and images, the Smart Banner automatically updates customers with your in-app mobile storefront in Cartmate. Customize your banner and send free PUSH notifications in minutes (or use schedule notifications) with our eye-catching design templates. Add special offers, product information, and other items to attract customers to your products.

Traffic Exchange Catalog

After installing Cartmate, stores are automatically updated in the Cartmate Exchange Catalog (CEC). The CEC is a catalog of stores that use cross-selling for their businesses. Your store can exchange customers, increase traffic and sales, all inside Cartmate. Shoppers get access to this catalog after installing the mobile app. If you want customers to exclusively use your store in Cartmate, without participating in the CEC, just turn off the Traffic Exchange button in the plugin at any time. To activate the Exchange Catalog simply:

  • Download the Cartmate app
  • Subscribe to Cartmate
  • Get moderated
  • Increase your sales and store traffic
  • Make $$$$$

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  • iOS & Android apps
  • Auto Products and Collections Sync
  • Push Notifications
  • Theme & Branding Customization
  • App Promotion Banner


每月 $47

  • FREE Plan +
  • Push Notifications with Images
  • Scheduled Push Notifications
  • Navigation & More Menus Customization
  • Pages Content Customization

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** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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