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Bold Addictions

free up to 300 contacts

- including everyone who signs up on your website (if they open your emails or not, or if they never visit you again, they are counted as 1 of your 300 contacts).

Including all bogus/fake accounts (Shopify stores get tons of those - look at your customers' list)

Also includes any in-person sale - even if all the customer did was use his credit card to make a $5 in-person purchase, and you never collected ANY of his personal information. He too is counted as 1 of your 300 contacts for Carts Guru!

I just did a monthly clean up of spam customers, I have less than 300 "real" customers WITH a store account, yet Catrs Guru says I'm over my 300 limit. Account locked, they want money.

No way. What will be next if I decide to pay? Looking for a better app.

Developer reply

February 19, 2020

Thanks for your feedback and we’re sorry you feel this way.

It’s important to understand that Carts Guru calculates each user’s contact list by simply adding up any contact with either an email address or a mobile phone number connected to their name.

Each Carts Guru user is responsible for creating and editing his/her own contact list. Users can add new contacts, bulk-delete contacts, or modify existing contacts - it’s completely flexible.

Our pricing system is fully transparent and can be viewed on the pricing page on our website:

When you initially sync your contact list with Carts Guru you have two options as Shopify customer. You can either:

Synchronize contacts with your Shopify store. You can sync contacts you’ve acquired over the last week, month or year - the date range is entirely up to you.

Or, you can manually upload a CSV file of contacts you wish to import. While this option may take more time, it allows you more control over your list and works better for someone trying to stay under the “free under 300 contacts” mark.

After these initial syncs, Carts Guru will automatically upload the contact details of new customers who register their details in your Shopify store. These contact details will be used by Carts Guru to send campaigns you design (cart retargeting, browse abandonment, win-back etc).

It is up to you to monitor these new additions to your list and delete any contacts you don’t want.

If you have any further questions or need any help onboarding, you can book a meeting with an account manager -

We hope this cleared up any confusion.

All the best,

The Carts Guru team


Used to work before. New layout seems nice, but I wasn't able to connect my Shopify store anymore, can't connect to Facebook page, got some API error when creating coupon.

Used to be good before the last update


not working (SMS)


Moon & Back

messed up my facebook pixel replacement. though i contacted them they blamed facebook itself. and then i contacted w facebook and shopify support. and they asserted that it happens coz of multiple pixel firing coz of placement. shopify reconnected me and this app support team again.. and i never heard back from them.. this app gave only headache and waste of time

Developer reply

July 8, 2019

Hello Moon & Back,

we are sorry about this; we would certainly not want any of our customers to have bad experiences from using our platform. We are investigating to see whether we can fix the issue. As our app is removed so we should no longer have any impact on your website, however we still see two different pixels.

We noticed that the IDs used on the second pixel is not one of the IDs that we normally use. Having two pixels is not supposed to be a problem, it might be an issue with the set-up of one of the pixels.

Give us few days more to keep looking into this issue. We will reach out to you at the soonest!


It's doesn't let me use free trial without putting my credit card into their site
honestly, I wanted to try it first then decide whether to subscribe or not.

Developer reply

March 26, 2019

Hello Beyrou,

We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with the app.
When you sign up to a free trial we ask for debit/credit card details for several reasons: to verify your identity, to protect us from theft and fraud, to validate your purchase if you decide to buy any of the subscription plans.

Your card is not charged during the trial, you will be charged only if you decide to purchase one of the subscription plans.



This app is not working properly. Clicking to edit emails is not working, the back to dashboard link is not working, everything is getting stuck. I had high hopes that this app would help my shop, but it obviously is very amateur. Disappointed.