Carts Guru Automated Marketing

Carts Guru Automated Marketing

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Marketing automation for SMS marketing, email, FBM retargeting

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Convert new customers

Combine SMS marketing, email marketing, and FBM marketing to find customers where they respond best and increase acquisition ROI & sales

Recover lost sales

Automate abandoned cart campaigns and customer win-back campaigns to recapture lost visitors and increase conversions

Increase customer retention

Send personalized messages and targeted campaigns to build brand loyalty and secure long-term e-commerce growth

Over Carts Guru Automated Marketing

Famed for multi-channel cart retargeting campaigns, Carts Guru now offers full-stack marketing automation for e-merchants.

Connect with potential and existing customers using SMS marketing, email marketing, and Facebook Messenger marketing. See revenue recovered fast and develop customer relationships to increase lifetime value by using automation to do the work while you focus on other tasks.

The perfect cost-effective alternative to Klaviyo or Omnisend, integrate Carts Guru in 5 minutes and join over 1500 Shopify stores across the world seeing high ROI with smart, multi-channel marketing automation.

Support is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

High ROI multi-channel campaigns with SMS & email

Carts Guru provides pre-built, customizable campaigns for all the most popular e-commerce use cases:

  • Abandoned cart campaigns - Increase the efficiency of acquisition spend and recover lost revenue fast by reaching customers wherever they are most likely to engage with your message
  • Customer win-back campaigns - Nurturing a customer you already have is 5x more cost-effective than acquiring a new one: get the most out of your database
  • Post-purchase campaigns - Catch customers in a buying mood by directing them to complementary products or recently viewed items
  • Promotional campaigns - Schedule one-off communications for seasonal offers, holidays, new product releases, or one-time discounts

Multi-channel marketing means maximum engagement

Send targeted messages that find customers on the channel where they’re most likely to click, engage, and buy. Automated multi-channel marketing multiplies success.

  • SMS marketing - Carts Guru customers see over 25x ROI with SMS automation
  • Email marketing - Deliver visually engaging content that fits your brand’s image
  • Facebook Messenger marketing - Only 1% of businesses market across the channel, but it’s the leading messaging channel in France and the USA among other countries

Automated workflows that respond to customer behavior

Use fall-back logic to maximize audience reach. If a contact doesn’t open your email marketing, trigger an automated SMS or FBM to find them on their preferred channel until they make their purchase.

  • Automatically trigger alternate messaging channels if your initial message fails to send
  • Try another channel if a message sends but is not opened
  • Use the successful channel for the remainder of the automated marketing campaign, specific to each customer

One-click integration

Carts Guru integrates seamlessly with any Shopify store. Export all existing contact and order data into Carts Guru in one click.

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  • Facebook Messenger,
  • OneClickUpsell




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After 14 day free trial: free up to 300 contacts, free up to 3000 messages, SMS billed separately by usage

4.6 van 5 sterren

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really really useful and top customer care!
carts guru is the top application for sms, dm and email marketing.


De momento super atentos, eficaz y no muy difícil de usar.
Hay un monton de opciones muy buenas para mejorar tu tienda.

Fit King Apparel

I just installed this app for my new store and it is so easy and seamlessly presented that I feel confident in it already. Amazing user experience so far!