Codeless Back in Stock Flow

Codeless Back in Stock Flow

da Cartwheel

Low Inventory, Price Drop, and other Custom Klaviyo Flows

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Reach the Unreachable

Generate additional sales when you restock, run low on stock, or lower a product's price.

Custom Theme Compatibility

Add restock buttons to custom Shopify themes. Can support any unsupported theme in 24 hours.

Natively Integrated

Each of our flows live in your Klaviyo dashboard alongside Klaviyo's stock flows.

Sobre Codeless Back in Stock Flow

**This app is solely an integration for Klaviyo. To use any of its functionality requires Klaviyo to be your store's email service provider**

Cartwheel’s Flagship Flow: A Codeless Back in Stock Solution

Our Back in Stock Flow takes the existing Klaviyo flow and makes it painless to set up, can be tailored to any theme, and has its performance live in your Klaviyo dashboard.

Quick Codeless Setup

We eliminate the need to inject code into your store. Just enable Back in Stock in our app and your theme's recommended color scheme will automatically load. Use our flexible editor to adjust the styling of both the button and its modal popup to your liking.

Paid Theme Support

Our flow is compatible with both free and paid Shopify themes. We already support a majority of Shopify themes however if yours isn't currently supported, install our app and ask us to request theme access and it'll be ready within 24 hours.

Metrics Tab

View your product and variant level restock data in our exportable metrics tab.

Simple Set Up

Set up is as easy as pasting API keys, creating a Klaviyo flow, and customizing email templates.

Natively Integrated

All of our flows live natively within Klaviyo’s dashboard so their performance can be viewed alongside your existing flows.

End to End Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our personal, Boston-based customer service. We can hold your hand for every step of the process -- connecting your API keys, setting up the flows, and fine tuning your emails. Just message us via our dashboard’s live chat if you need any assistance.

Revenue Drivers: Next Generation Abandoned Cart Recovery

Our Low Inventory and Price Drop Flows give you valuable tools to generate more revenue from your customer list. We novelly integrate your Shopify store and Klaviyo account to unlock targeted abandoned cart recovery.

Low Inventory Flow

When a product crosses an inventory threshold of your choice, our Low Inventory Flow sends emails to customers with abandoned carts, energizing them to purchase the product before it becomes unavailable.

Price Drop Flow

When you lower a product’s price, our Price Drop Flow sends emails to customers who abandoned a cart containing that product. You set $ and % thresholds in our app to trigger the emails and then let it run.

Customer Segmentation

Since our flows live within Klaviyo, you can use all of its existing functionality to target specific customers via segmentation and lists. Maintain the flexibility to choose which segment of your audience is best to contact and avoid annoying the rest.

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Avaliações mais recentes

Hands down, the best customer service I ever had the pleasure to have to contact! They work lightning-fast and will bend backward to help you with any issue. Even when it turns out the problem wasn't caused by their app, but by yours truly over her... The app in its self is great! It's straightforward to set up, and the flows it adds to Klaviyo are precisely the things that I've felt were missing. I would definitely recommend installing it if you are already using Klaviyo or are planning to. I gave it five stars, but I would gladly give it five more if there were enough stars. Just do yourself a favor, install the app, and thank me later...

Planet Hockey

The support team was super efficient in helping us get everything working on our custom theme and it has been a great help to us alread Thank you for everything!


As our Shopify theme was custom we could not make Klaviyo pull all data from our page. So we used Cartwheel to do that for us.
Originally our custom theme did not like Cartwheel either but the guys from the Cartwheel were happy and QUICK to help.
Too bad they do not offer 8****** reviews as they really deserve this.
Best tech support in a long time.
Shopify used to be like this 3 years ago top quality tech with deep knowledge of Shopify itself. Today not so much anymore.
Absolutely RECOMMEND using these guys.