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Modifié le 20 mai 2024

Avoid them - it's bullshit for 1 second
I'm not talking undocumented - they first forced me to give a 5 star review through ugly methods.
Before you install the program, search the name of other websites that have it installed - check their site in Google Page Speed - all of them have a serious problem of Uses deprecated APIs and their score is also broken and probably they don't even know it. .
This program is a child's craft that you don't even have the option to change the photo and you have to email their support.
Abdeali does its best to support, but the reality is that you can never fly with a bike.

The answer you gave to my feedback:
Your answer is completely illogical
I am not a non-expert user and I can identify very well where the problem is.
On the other hand, I don't have extra time to spend several days on a program, change its stupid style without any possibility and then delete it.
It's a shame that you don't even admit your problems.
I want you to go to the website of those who wrote reviews for you and check them too, they all have the exact same problem without exception.
After deleting your program, this error was also resolved - I uninstalled and installed twice and 100 problems were from your program, and after checking other sites that use your program, my confidence became 1000%.
Of course, the few days that I was in contact with your support made it clear to me that you are not able to solve the problems and since you have no authority over the program that you wrote yourself, it is possible that you even ordered this program from a third party. .
The funny thing is that the error I got is also present in your demo version.
At least you can make a cheerful apology for several hours of wasted customer time instead of justifying it.
Your program is a child's craft

9 jours d’utilisation de l’application
WebPlanex a répondu 20 mai 2024

Dear Merchant,

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your loyalty and support for our app.

Our app has the "Built for Shopify" badge, and we have thoroughly tested all speed parameters for our theme elements. It does not affect the store speed at all. The issue you reported, as seen in the screenshot you submitted, is due to your theme's library files. We recommend checking other stores using the same theme, which experience similar speed issues. We have already explained this and provided example stores, but it seems there is still some confusion. The JS file you pointed out does not belong to Webplanex; it is a theme asset file.

We hope this clarifies the situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at support@webplanex.com. We are always happy to help.

Product Lead - Webplanex

4 janvier 2020

if there is a negative star rating, i would give. this app is so lousy that i paid so many months of subscription. basically done nothing and the tech team isn't helpful at all. my website crashed a thousand times and no help was rendered. dont bother trying.

6 mois d’utilisation de l’application
30 avril 2019

Just horrible. I installed the app, did my collections for the cashback, and 15 minutes later, it crashed on my website. The app was not found on my website and all of my time was wasted creating my campaign. I am extremely annoyed. Look for another app. You have been warned.

Toyful Treasures
Environ une heure d’utilisation de l’application
WebPlanex a répondu 1 mai 2019

We sincerely apologize for your trouble. we are willing to solve your theme trouble for cashback campaign.