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misleading and unclear, why do you post its a trial when its obviously not

Que Shebley
使用應用程式 26分鐘
Catalog Machine 已回覆 2024年3月16日

Dear Que Shebley,
I'm so sorry for the confusion about our trial plans. We've just updated our listing to make things clearer! If you'd like personalized help and an extended free trial to test things out, please reach out to

We're always looking to improve based on your feedback.


Seems like the reviews are fake.... the setup process of this app is extremely time-taking, annoying and complex.

使用應用程式 大約21小時
Catalog Machine 已回覆 2021年5月29日

Please contact us and we will be happy to help with any difficulty. Many Shopify users are successfully using our app for more than 5 years.

In addition, you can start with a catalog builder wizard by quickly adding all your products, customizing templates, and creating large catalogs (or price lists or line sheets, etc.) in few minutes.


Mess of functionality. Convoluted, and chaotic.
Wanted to upgrade to see if it was better in a more premium version, but it's not connected with Shopify Charges so you have to create another account and link your credit card to it.

Lone Star Hog Outfitters Fayetteville Ar
使用應用程式 13分鐘

Uninstalled after 5mins.

Only allows 20 products in catalog as opposed to 100 stater in free trial period.

Don't get greedy...

Alice and Blair
使用應用程式 7分鐘
Catalog Machine 已回覆 2019年7月14日

I am sorry you didn't try our app because of the free trial limitation. Please contact me regarding the extended trial. I will be happy to help and make Catalog Machine work for your needs!